Friday, May 09, 2008

Victory Day

C праздником!! (Russian=Seh prazd-nikom/Happy holiday)

9 May 1945 was the triumphant day for the Soviet Union in WWII. It is the biggest holiday for the Russians and other European countries. This year, on its 63rd anniversary, Turkish and I joined the celebration!! Hahahahaaa we woke up around 10am, just in time to catch the grand opening on TV. The Russian President Medvedev gave a speech, followed by march past,trucks, tanks, ballistic missiles and more (surprisingly handsome) men in uniforms etc.

We didnt head to the Kremlin, instead we got off at M.Pushkinskaya which was a brilliant move because the parade from the Red Square marched towards us! It was crowded but still ample space for us to catch the marching band. We saw war veterans with dozens of medals and pins on their coats. Verrrrry shiny. Red flags were waving in the wind and for once, I saw beauty in the Soviet Union's "hammer and sickle" symbol. Hammer for industrial and sickle for agricultural workers *nod, nod*.

Spot the first, second line and behind the red banner.. they who fought and won the war

I tried to zoom in on them but there were too many policemen in the way..

The parade was soooooo red in colour. The crowd of young and old, foreigners like us and some annoying Americans (as though they were part of the nation making too much comments) stood behind the barricades. The war veterans looked healthy and beaming with pride as they marched. The line would possibly shorten each year because of their old age. I mean, let's say a young soldier was 15 when he went to war.. he would be 80 years old this year. Nevertheless, it was very touching to see them receiving red carnations from the grateful locals, being congratulated and all. Even I took pictures with a few of them :)

A very sweet old Man of Honour, he gave a yellow tulip to this little girl as her mother (and us) watched on :) Whylahhh this apek didnt give one to me? LOL

I greeted this General three times, asked for his name twice and pretty much gave up.. I mean, my Russian cannot be that bad so I concluded that hes prolly got bad hearing (lost it during the war??)

There! A lady wielding the gigantic flag of the Soviet Union :)

Roads were blocked so we couldnt move around as freely as we wanted. After 2 hours of tailing the paraders, we took a turn into side-streets, had some Lattes and then stumbled upon the State Exhibition Hall. Hahahahaha entrance was free and the title of the exhibition was "Views from the windows of the train". Since the both of us picked up photography as a hobby of late, we were very pleased with our luck :) :) :) The photographs were beautiful, both taken from Europe and Asia.

Now I think I am interested in the Trans-Siberian train ride hahahahahaaa

Yes, yes.. I really enjoy photography apart from camwhoring :P

Some of the pictures on display at the exhibition which I really like!

After that, we u-turned back to the Red Square which was packed. The weather became gloomy and I wasnt dressed warm enough. Turkish bought me a bouquet of Lavender, it smelled soooooo nice! I am thinking of making some potpurri out of it :) Actually the atmosphere today was incredibly decent. I guess many Russians are cultured after all, or should the credits go to the overwhelming security in the area? Maybe both. There were hundreds of policemen, OMON (Special Purpose Police Squad) and military men in sight. Everyone and I really mean everyone was well-behaved, low key and somewhat peaceful-looking.

Behind me is the statue of General Zhukov, the commander of the Red Army in WWII

What an experience of Russia's Victory Day!!


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LOL joking.

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