Saturday, May 24, 2008


Class on Saturdays piss me off, especially waking up early to attend LFK. The day is wet, rainy and cold. I am talking about smoke-from-your-mouth kinda of cold. I had to bring out my winter parka because I am sooooo feeling under the weather :(

Today we graphed the remaining chart for pulse, BP and finally determine our type of health or what nonsense. We had to breathe in, hold breath until the diaphragm "shakes" then do the same to after exhalation. After that, measure pulse at rest then stand up and measure again. Do some exercise and measure pulse/BP for every 10seconds for 2-3 minutes. All in all, loads of unnecessary hard work. For a Saturday. Sigh.

Ehhh, squatting up and down like that for 20 times isnt eating sweet pie okay

Sunny measuring Min Guan's pulse, mine's average 66/minute

Zhao Ing taking Mun Yee's lying-down BP

And Quek, I dont know if he's dancing with the sphygmomanometer. So syiok?

Guess what. I am below average (based on the results) of my physical health condition LOL I got only a total of 4 points. But the teacher explained in minimal concern and sympathy, "Don't worry. It's nothing abnormal, it could be mistakes and miscalculations for your graph". In another words, "You unhealthy so-called medical students, just shut up and mark your graphs". Hehehehee okay, maybe I exaggerated a little. LFK is a hate-able subject but it can be quite fun.

"Physically fit, physically fit", King Julien XIII of Madagascar.

On a bright note, zacheot @ the end of our semester is next Thursday.


W1 said...

the fooooooood is coming back to haunt u..

Gorgeous Ol' Eve. Prefers Vanilla To Chocolate. You? said...

Haunt your ass. You're jealous because you can never be as shapely as me. Muaaahahahahaa. Stick :P