Wednesday, May 21, 2008

UEFA Finals

Boss, Pisa and Wishnu went out to Cafe 123 and parked themselves in front of the big screen for almost 12 hours while lucky ones went to the stadium. I could have joined my flatmates too but I wasnt too much in the mood for public appearances so I spent the evening with Turkish instead :)

I left early to his apartment at M.Ulitsa 1905 (close to World Trade Center) along with the Mushroom Gravy recipe, thanks to my god-brother *grins*. Right, he calls it the "Family Recipe". I promised I'll give him the credits and I'm even gonna post a picture of it here LOL Turkish was suspicious at the presentation but he said, and I quote "It's delicious!".

I admit nothing on this plate was my idea, even the mashed po is Pisa's recipe!

The UEFA Champions League Finals took place in Luzhniki Stadium at 1045pm local time. Turkish and I watched it on TV, not to say in favour/particular support specifically to Man U or Chelsea. Turkish prefers watching Basketball games anyway :P At the same time, I was reminiscing how 3 of us used to watch the preliminaries in my room last year. I even wrote a couple of entries about in on Friendster: Colours, Offside and Machurians. This year, I never switched on my TV even once. Ohhh well, let's just say I have been occupied *wink*.

Yes.. I really watched it live on TV hahahahaaaa

Dunno why so blur, TV vs electromagnetic radiation phenomena?

Players: Mr.Helmet Cech (G), A.Cole, Makelele, Essien, Carvalho, Lampard, J.Cole,
Drogba *voodoo music*, Ballack (Hi, sexy!), Malouda and Capt' Terry (Ohh, HOT!)

Players: van der Sar (G), Evra, Hargreaves, Capt' (ohh his muscles are tight!)
Ferdinand, Brown, C.Ronaldo, Rooney, Vidic, Carrick, Scholes and

I love John Terry!! He is SO handsome. The game started off abruptly, we didnt even realise it fucking started! The next thing I noticed, Cech @ Chelsea's goalkeeper in orange and clad in helmet giving a far kick. WTF. As usual, I love to document my day so I just had to snap the screen. The game went on for too long. Sissy, CC, I mean C.Ronaldo scored the 1st goal followed by Lampard's much later. Man U's players are always look more intimidating. There's Scholes, Tévez, Rooney enough to shrink some balls.. too bad Mr.Park didnt play. He will turn the game into one of Justin's Korean flick material hehehehee *its an internal joke*.

WTF. After 90minutes, apart from many scenes of a "close punch-out but no, we must control ourselves", "I elbow you, you trip me", breaking Scholes' nose episode, some leg cramp one after another, rolling on the grass in pain act, cockstares, corner kick/ free kick/ kick in the shins/ kick in the balls (I wish), more captures of C.Ronaldo boy sitting on his ass, referee flashing Yellow Cards and so on, score board was still freaking 1-1. Extra time was called, prolonged the game to 120minutes. It was already way past my bed time.

Before extra time ended, I was ZzzZZzZZzzzzZZzzzz-ing.

"NOOOoOOOoooOOoo!! *a thud on the bed*" woke me up. My eyes were blurry, I was trying hard to focus on the exhausted players, John Terry's longing expression for me victory.. I continued watching the final moments. If you dont already know what happened, Man U won 6-5 in the penalty. Chelsea lost. My Terry was sobbing his eyes our, poor thing. He missed his penalty shot, the hottie slipped :( Tens of thousands of Chelsea fans slumped, soaked in rain but more than anything, in misery and disappointment.

On the other hand, Man U players and fans alike were grinning from ear to ear, chanting, celebrating their triumph on the high stage, which in my opinion was as though, Man U was destined to win. The colours, decos and everything for this match were draped red so seeing them blend in the background didnt look surprising to me. In fact, it looked beautiful. Ohhh well. Looking forward to next year :) The finals is in Rome.

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