Friday, May 16, 2008

Spoilt Fridge

Actually I forgot to mention about our current situation in the apartment. Almost everything is falling, if not, has fallen apart but the classic case right now is that we are fridge-less. No, wait. We do have a fridge but it is only good for display. It broke down 3 weeks ago when we realised the bottom was losing its cool. The mechanics came and told us we could either pay a bomb to put in gas or take the smarter move and purchase a new one. A new one? When we are graduating in a month's time? Nahhh. The freezer was fine, working on North Pole standards until a week plus ago, the top compartment konked too.

Appearance can deceive, it still looks relatively good right?
Plus magnets from Istanbul, Prague, Dubai HRC, St.Pete's and lots of Pizza flyers

We cant store anything in the freezer, no meat, nothing. Right now it smells horribly funky, like something died inside. Nooooo.. nothing close to that VDNKh Department, dont worry. Pisa managed to evacuate the frozen stuff but some had defrosted by itself and prolly some jus ayam blood seeped into the edges.. now it just stinks. Pisa's description is, and I quote her, "Rotten durian". Hahahahahaa durian is the King of Fruits, for those of you who have no idea of this thorny, tropical fruit.

You more or less can grasp the smelliness from this illustration LOL

Leftovers: Maple syrup, sesame oil, curry sauce, ketchup, Ikan bilis (anchovies), dried chili, shiitake mushrooms, several cups of stale yoghurt and uhmm, 3 bottles of unfinished wine

Ooohh back to our fridge. So most of the perishables have been removed or disposed of. The remaining ones are just shamelessly pretending it is safely being stored. It is kind of troublesome without food in the fridge :( No cold milk, no butter/margarine, no fruits, no vegetables etc. Boss and Pisa buy on the days they want to cook dinner but we have to try finish everything on the day itself or keep till the next day (max).

Sigghhh. Summer is going to be hot like hell and we wont even have cold drinks :( Imagine when our folks come and see us live like cavemen.. seriously. Hahahahaa the wallpaper in my room keeps coming off, the bathroom wall has craters, sometimes the sink leaks.. *slaps my forehead*. Disastrous! Plus I feel so out of touch with the gourmet sector. I have been staying at home the whole week, didnt go pak toh/dating with Turkish so this weekend, I am going to go on a piggin' spree!!

By the way, a little piece of info to you folks who are interested. This Sunday, 18th May is International Museum Day meaning EVERY museum is free of charge. Turkish and I read an article (proof here, double check on it) and remember I was at the museum park called Art Museon? In the evening, there is laser light and fireworks shows there. THAT one is not free of charge though.


Reens said...

god damned fridge! It smells like rotten durian.... really, it does!!!! Love the new blog layout.

CY Tan said...

The fridge is trouble, man. Damn it.

Emonix said...

rotten durian!!??? As if something can smell WORST than a durian. I'd faint if I caught a sniff LOL.

Isn't it pretty cold out in Russia atm? Why don't you bury your food under the snow like the Eskimos haha.

Gorgeous Ol' Eve. Prefers Vanilla To Chocolate. You? said...

Hehehee Moscow is rainy now. Our food will be soaked with swimming bacteria.