Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Size Does Matter

Our presentation for Parasitology was awesome!! :) It was a coincidence that Group 7 and 8 had just finished class so they were forced requested to stay back as audience hahahahaha Poor thing. Their class ended at 12.45pm and we were only done at 2pm!!

But it was fun. Zhao Ing's team went first. Their topic was Soil-transmitted Helminthes whereas ours was Filariasis. Uhmmm.. usually stuff like this is somewhat boring and can be draggy if the person presenting doesnt know how to make it sound interesting. There were 3 Professors present and one of them fell asleep :P Too bad I didnt manage to snap a picture of him in Lala-Land. I was seated right across the room.

Douglas has damn good speech control, loud and clear.. he can be a top spokesman!

The 3 elders still listening attentively.. look at Kenny snoring away LOL

Hwong brushing up on his sheet of presentation *clap, clap*

My cue was Clinical Symptoms and I must admit I was tongue-tied for a bit. I had rehearsed earlier just in case I mix up my material but in front of 20++ fellas, I think it was inevitable. The professor with winter white hair kept his tiger-eyes on me.. I felt rather uncomfortable. I mean, you can talk shit or mention anything less than accuracy. But Hwong was the star of the project! Hehehehe his extra research studies on this topic was excellent. Everyone clapped when it was over and the lady Professor urged us to join the competition on 23 May.

My team :)

"For males who travel to the endemic regions and return with big balls, dont be so happy" :P

Top 6 projects will be chose to compete for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. The winning project will be published in the medical research journal, PubMed or something. Of course, each group will be awarded with extra certificates on the day of graduation. Boss and Pisa's group are aiming to win the competition but I doubt my group (or anyone else) is interested. We'll see if ours do get into the Top 6, then perhaps.

Aaaahhh.. finally its over. Not too bad for a 3-day dateline and I only did my part in less than 24hours. The Powerpoint slides were in charged by Quek. It looked really good actually :) We have a long weekend ahead of us!! On 9 May is Victory Day, the day Russians beat the Germans during WWII and its a big, big local holiday. Turkish and I are planning to go sibuk in the Red Square!! :)

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