Thursday, May 15, 2008

Usual Suspects

Right, so lectures at the VDNKh Department stinks. The weather right now isnt exactly fancy either. The wind blows too strong and if unlucky, rain pours. Lucky for the dandelions waiting to bloom though. Sighhh. I was browsing through the (tons of) picture folders and came across the pictures we took on the zacheot day of Obstetrics. Quite beautiful actually :)

L-R: Hwong, Douglas, Zhao Ing, you-know-who, Victor and Mun Yee

Aaahhh.. shades are essential on a sunny day regardless of size and style LOL

Hahahahaa zoom in on Douglas' (middle) shirt, he's got the cheek to wear it!

You see! You see!! Quek is always giving me attitude!! Bugger :P

Quek (still trying to hide), Aksan and Sunny giving a weird grin

An interesting conversation I had with Aksan the other day. He confessed that he was always indebted with something. Money, education (subjects yet to be cleared and knee-deep in pending exams) etc. But now, studies wise, he is right on track with just any 6th Year student, waiting to finish our finals and graduate.

Aksan : You know, Tan. I have been in Russia for 9 years, always in debt. Now I am free.

Me : Well, thats a great thing! You should be really happy.

Aksan : NoOOooOooo. I feel, I feel that I am missing something, da! *laughing*

Me : Ehh? You are funny.

Changes are meant to be good, if not for the better. Hahahahaa humans are damn stupid. They want what they cannot have, most of the time ironically have what they do not want. When you dont have something, you want it badly. Or you have it, yet complain about it and on occasion, chuck it aside and wish for something else. It happens what, whether you realise it or not. Thus the saying, "Cherish what you have".

Ooohhh guess what. I finally upgraded my template today!! (if you noticed). After nearly 4 years of being a Blogger! I was going to surf for new ones but decided to stick with this. I cant adjust myself to layouts of a site quickly, it takes me a while to make myself comfortable with the applications and stuff. Thank God I remember some HTML scripts, I needed to do a bit of modification here and there :)


Anonymous said...

Here is a video about vomit:

KK said...

what about vodka yo......

Gorgeous Ol' Eve. Loud. Gregarious. Prefers Vanilla To Chocolate. You? said...

Pfftttt.. dont cut and paste links here, they wont be complete! Uhhh.. thanks thought LOL

And who you, KK? :)

QUEK Wee said...
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QUEK Wee said...

show some other photo de.why me again???:P:P i don't nit so much of promotion laaaaa

Gorgeous Ol' Eve. Prefers Vanilla To Chocolate. You? said...

Hahahahahaa helping you only :P