Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I really don't understand what who wants from the 6th Year students. How much money have we spent to translate, get this chopped, get that stamped and still these fuckers are not satisfied. Chibai. Yesterday, Christabel called to inform that my SPM cert was rejected because I didnt translate the back page. What back page to translate when it's blank??

"Translate this"
Sure, I'll translate you my fucking middle fingers

You see, my SPM cert is not the original copy. I thought I lost it but actually I left it in Moscow. During my summer holidays (last year), I went to Putrajaya and got a replacement. Unlike the original, mine doesn't have a box on the back page indicating level of the grades. I thought I was safe, everything was packaged and sent to "certified true copy". True copy my ass. Obviously the idiots at the Ministry of God-knows-what disapprove of it. Sigh.

So we need the nostrifuckation nostrification of our Pre-U/Medical certs for future procedures like to apostil our degree or some shit like that. In all honesty, I dont really understand what the fuck do we need these papers for. Graduates from previous years never had this problem, only our year seems to be so extra special. I pray like fuck the next time my paperworks go in, they are processed and as good as my batchmates'. ASAP. I see these Russians are always eager to go for obed (Russian=lunch), I dont see them eager to help us. Dumbfucks.

On a more interesting note, Prof. Evgenei gave a long ass lecture today. It was pretty traumatic. He stank of piss. I dont mean to be rude but seriously, I took an aisle seat and he stood around my table mostly. The whiff of his labcoat or his body (I dont wanna know the source) gave off this ammonia/urea stench. He's a nice grandpa though. Kinda sarcastic but not until the I-want-to-kill-him extend, though he was pretty mean to Victor who showed up 1/2 hour late.

Imagine the old man prattling from 9am sharp till 2pm with 5-6 times of 10 minute breaks. LFK is magic. He explained which exercise is good for what kind of patients with which type of disability. He casually fondled demonstrated on students seated along the aisle (ie. yours truly, Wei Shiong and Arunah). It was kinda funny having the Head of Department touching my arm, or grabbing them.

Like this, on Wei Shiong

Or like this, on Arunah LOL

Wei Shiong had the honour to let the Professor lift him up

Well, tomorrow is the last day of class meaning the last day of our 6-year Medical Course in Moscow Medical Academy. Feels kinda.. no, I dont feel it yet. Not yet sit finals, not yet graduate. Fuck, what am I taking about when I am still facing problems with the paperworks. I have suggested a small party after we get our zacheot tomorrow.. hopefully everyone will stay back for it. It'll be nice to gather with Group 2 and 5, snap some pictures for memories. It'll be really nice :)


Pisa knows all sees all said...

Ehhhhh you can't see the stuff written on that "blank" page meh? Loookkkk nicely lah. Something is there.... right?

Gorgeous Ol' Eve. Prefers Vanilla To Chocolate. You? said...

Hahahahaa it's some dirt stains on the screen :P