Sunday, May 25, 2008

Musical Museum

Turkish is leaving on a business trip tomorrow. NoooOOoOoOooo.. I'm gonna miss him so much :( It's a good thing also, I can concentrate on my revision for the exams. Sigh. Exams. I feel like rolling my eyes when I hear this word. Nevertheless, "a (wo)man's gotta do what a (wo)man's gotta do".

After our enormous portion of breakfast at American Bar and Grill (last weekend was at Starlite Diner), I could barely walk. My stomach had no space for the waffles, no matter how great they can taste. We headed to the Glinka's Museum of Musical Culture, located few blocks away from M.Mayakovskaya. This is Moscow and here is the one place where you can find museum/exhibition of any sorts. Okaylahhh, the Phallic Museum where there is a display of 260++ mammal penises is located in Iceland!

Surprisingly we spent a long time here looking at the sculptures, musical instruments, paintings and stuff. Despite the old "caretaker" ladies tailing behind us, watching us from a distance with their eagle eyes so that we "see no touch", "see but not so close" and "better dont breath if we are looking at the glass showcase". Bloody hell. I bet they fondle the fiddlesticks when there is no one around LOL

Just pictures of the halls here and there I managed to secretly snapped

There were several musical sketches of famous composers. One of them belonged to Ludwig van Beethoven. He wasnt born deaf, really. His hearings deteriorated and he suffered from complete loss of hearing. Yet, he still gave birth to beautiful music and much more. I looked at the scribblings of his music sheet and I thought to myself.. what if these composers liked to doodle hamsap/perverted pictures on the pages? Will the museum still value them as treasures?

Beethoven was a virtuoso so it's like.. having a brain surgeon's writings, atrocious

This is what I meant LOL Who knows, Tchaikovsky might have had this habit!

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