Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Fats did something extremely sweet this year :)

He took a bus back to KL just to celebrate the special day with Mummy. How I wish I could do that but I would have to take a plane! I spoke to them both on the phone earlier today.

My baby brother is anxious, awaiting for the reply on the scholarship application. Financially, we wont be able to support his tertiary education in Singapore universities. Initially, he told me he was going to do a double degree in Chemical Engineering and Economics. But he changed his course to Bio-Meds or something. The line wasnt very clear, I just got that part.

Fats paid for dinner at Overseas restaurant. A tradition that runs in our family. When Daddy was around, all our lives, be it an occasion, celebration, a treat, relatives/friends visits or very simply, Overseas restaurant specifically the main branch in Jalan Imbi would be the "place to be". Mum has said it, after graduation, she will bring me there :)

Mummy's caller id on my hp, taken during the dinner (where else? LOL) before my flight back here

Happy, Happy Mother's Day!!

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