Sunday, May 18, 2008

Kolomenskoe Park

Aaaaahhhh.. back to where the All-Girls' picnic took place! Not to be mistaken with the Group 1 trip I tagged along to at Tsaritsyno Park heheheee Parks in Moscow are lush green and very well-maintained. Turkish and I wanted to spend the sunny day outdoor (not forgetting one whole roll of film to Lomo). So off we rode on the Green Line!

I found our picnic spot! The log we sat on is still there! LOL

Last year's picnic outing was solely a picnic outing. But then again, even if we had wanted to explore farther, my sudden arrival time-of-the-month wouldnt have allowed me :( The park actually stretches many more acres down south along the river. Verrrrry nice. The weather was great, breezy and bright. These Russians love for park visits are undying. Turkish and I understand why. The air is fresh and clean. Away from the fucked up smoke in the city, Metro air and smelly folks. Revitalize the lungs, can live longer hahahahaa

Half-naked Russian girls were basking on the dandelion covered lawns. How typical. Some were flying kites, cycling, many SLR owners were busy snapping away the view. There were too many ongoings in the area. We scooted around the Church of the Ascension of The Lord, Petr's palace, Savior Gate, but to be honest, I walked so much with Turkish, I cant even remember what I saw.

Uh huhh. I go through great lengths with Diana+ for a sneaky good photo

Aaaahhh.. what a view! Dont zoom so close, Turkish's mouth is opened LOL

Tulips! Lots and lots of tulips! Too bad we cant pluck some home and keep :P

I dunno what cheapkai camera this man uses,
he needed to go beyond the line whilst his wife keeps watch LOL

There is always an over-zealous park keeper, she SAW Turkish
holding the camera but no, she just had to butt in.
Hahahahaha no pun intended.

I recall struggling up steep hills, stooped so close to the ground I nearly kissed some mud. The forest we wandered blindly was beautiful, surrounded by tranquility and solitude. It reminded me of Sg.Congkak, my first camping trip in Form 1. We visited the Bee Master's Farmstead. Farm, my ass. Only a small shop selling honey, decorated with empty top bars (boxes with honey frames) outside. Ooohhhh I also nearly got run down by a horse carriage. Bloody hell, the idiot racing from one point to another, either he wanted to get more customers or he couldnt achieve his ambition to be a jockey (because too fat).

Ooooohhhh.. the etiology of aching legs and a sore back

Checking out the suspicious top bars.. only to find it empty (thank God)

Hahahahahaaa primitive pheasants, they used to draw water from this well..

And I broke the handle!!! *speed off from crime scene!*

Hehehehe just kidding. The handle was already broken by someone. What else did we check out.. we found the Church of The Beheading of St.John The Forerunner *takes in a breath*. Yeahhh, it was rather hidden in the forest and finally after we found it, I didnt take any picture and we ciao-ed. Tell me how clever I am, please.

I am hazardous to parks, didnt realise I was sitting on budding plant LOL


W1 said...

are these pics from ur 1tan camera??
looks ooooldd..or u memang old d..hehe

Gorgeous Ol' Eve. Prefers Vanilla To Chocolate. You? said...

If I were to take a picture of you with my 1 tonne camera, I will hit your head with it after that. Muahahahahahahaha. See who is old then.