Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Julius Meinl

This is what we call "sin jam ban"/Jamban Baru (Hokkien=new toilet, a must-go)

For a treat after my Parasitology presentation, Turkish and I went to a newly opened Viennese cafe (hahahaha dont click on this link.. its so new that the website's not even up yet :P) called Julius Meinl in M.Chistye Prudy :) It's such a comfortable and romantic joint, I wouldnt mind going again! But the food is so-so.

I like the waitress and the young waiter who served us. The waitress spoke broken English but was very happy to do so while the young waiter paid much attention to us. Every time I wanted to order something, before I call out, he was already by our table. Newbie hahahahaha Try going to an ancient eatery and see if they bother.

Viennese cuisine ehhh. It is kinda different, I guess. Sadly, the Chicken with cherry tomatoes and Risotto came with celeries!! Arrrgghhhhh. Everyone knows how much I hate celery except for the chef I guess. I just shoved the smelly chopped stalks of celery to the very edge of my plate :( What a way to ruin my food. Lucky for them, the chicken was nicely cooked with prune and olive stuffings. Turkish had Pork Medallion (again) I think. Hahahahaha enough of pork for me.

Next time they really ought to list down ingredients A-Z when it comes to vege

Turkish was adding some mustard or was it garlic cream to his meat

Apart from the flashy interior, the menu is really nothing to yell about. Their dessert aisle was even empty. Tried to cheat us by placing some Easter chicken decorations!! Turkish and I shared a Tvorog Strudel (supposedly Viennese, I thought only Russia has tvorog, this cheese). It didnt impress me though. 2 of my favouritest, cheese and vanilla (sauce) didnt move my soul one bit. The vanilla sauce tasted like blended baby food.

Nahhh.. you tell me if this looks Viennese kind of appetizing to you, or not

Highlight of the cafe, German newspaper "Zeitung" and matchboxes as free gift

You know what. Fuck this Julius Meinl. I aint going back there on a second thought!! Hahahahahaaa Leed Wi suggested that I should change my BLOG to Moscow Travel and Food Guide or something. I think I might just do that. Imagine if and when I do become soooooo famous, restaurant owners will exclusively invite me to review their food. My words will be taken seriously by gourmet enthusiasts!! *dream, dream, dream* ;)


W1 said...

ur eyelids cannot close ar?
dream with eyes open...BIG!!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

Hehehee very funny.. NOT!!!! :P