Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Internet Down

Seelahhh.. the heart-breaking box that pops up for the past 2-3 days!!

Machibaiiiiiiiii. There is not Internet in the house!! Shit, shit, shit!!I feel like a fucking handicap!!! The fact that I have Parasitology project to pass up on Wednesday just adds acid to my ohhh-so-smooth skin!!! How to surf for information? How to look for material?? Flipping the thick ass textbooks will NOT suffice!! I need to be connected.

I need to click from link to link, (check Facebook), Wikipedia about the Nematodes, (check BLOG updates), copy and paste the articles from CDC, (poke someone on Facebook), take down notes and compile my work, (upload some pictures here), theres much to do!! Aaaaarrgghhh. This is madness!! Yesterday, I had to go to Kahovskaya hostel to use their Internet and discuss in person. Sigh. At least there is some way to get online.

My project groupmates comprise of Mun Yee, Hwong, Quek and Aksan. I wasn’t feeling too comfortable in Hwong’s room because of the cockroaches. I was sitting on Hwong’s bed and one tiny, 6-legged MOFO appeared out of no where, patrolling along the edge of the bed. I screamed and screamed and nearly tripped, fell and died on the spot (you know how cramped the rooms are). Maaaaaaaachibai. Then when I was using Douglas’ computer, another pundek cockroach was circling around the corner of the room and I had to dash the fuck out as fast as I could!!

Nooooooooo, I am not being dramatic. Cockroaches scare the shit out of me!!! It’s not that their room is dirty. These boys are pretty tidy but they stay opposite the kitchen and the garbage room so I guess it’s inevitable to have creepy crawlers within the vicinity.

Chatting with my sweet, sweet Kaerun and her boyfriend, Lutfi :)

Fiq, the one out to disturb me always!! Macik and Fizal on his computer

Ju and Jas (sounds funny when I put their names like that hehehee)

The only highlight of my short stay in the hostel was on the 4th Floor in Ajed’s room. I don’t have to stress anymore that these Malay boys are such darlings :) Venoo Boy returned today and coincidentally I brought 2 boxes of chocolates. I gave the Alpen Gold to the “Club House” and the other to Venoo Boy’s homecoming. He’s shaven bald from the 16th-day prayers/funeral of his father. Venoo Boy is a good soul. I hope things would be better for him from now on, especially after we graduate.

Ehhh.. these fellas again :P

Sukhi (partly hidden), Sharon and Venoo Boy havin some discussion in the corner :)

Macik was damn talkative today hahahahaa I remember back then, he was very shy and quiet around me. Now we are cool. I enjoy speaking to them, both in English and BM. They are modest, thoughtful and just soooooo nice! Min, Ajed and Ridzuan (an Indian batchmate) cooked so I had dinner with them before I left. There were 4 types of very delicious chicken curries with plenty of gravy. The Malay boys are always chatty and hilarious. I will definitely miss this bunch of gems. Everyone of them. Bloody hell. Now I have my Parasitology project to worry about :(

ps. guess what. after severe bitching, the Internet connection came back on and I managed to post this draft hehehee

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