Thursday, May 22, 2008

Get Physical

LFK (Lechebnaya Fizicheskaya Kultura) is either Physical Education or Sports Medicine. From the stories I heard from Boss and Pisa, this subject sounds like a drag. LFK turns out to be the last cycle for us, meaning the very last class of our 6-year Medical course. Hehehee we get to "set our spine straight" for the rest of our lives, if you catch my drift.

We will end the semester with Group 2 and 5. Group 5 consists of Min Guan, Yun Kin, Siew Lian, Lai Yee, Wei Shiong, Won Gee, Yee Ling, Jan Jan, Elizabeth and Sangeeta (Sri Lanka). Nice folks, very helpful and assisting. Everyone was present today except the 4 girls (Manisha, Noreen, Geet and Arunah). Hahahahaa must have watched the finals last night until couldnt wake up this morning. Word is, this class is very anal about attendance and we shouldnt miss any.

Our 1st class was quite fun actually, only time-consuming. We had to measure our physique, the usual measurements (height and weight), spirometry (lung capacity), dinamometry (strength) and chest diameter today. Our teacher looks like a Helga, you know.. the Viking women. Blond, huge and masculine. Ooohh she even wore a braid. Definitely a Helga :P

Wei Shiong on the Spirometer, to measure how much breath he can exhale
I scored low on this.. I cant hold my breath for long underwater :P

Bugger Min Guan trying to scar my face!! BTW, I stand 160cm hehehe

Sharon's 192cm, any taller the scale wouldnt have enough numbers for him
And out of all people, Wishnu (trying his very best) had to read his measurement!

Sukhi filling the table, Wishnu asked how could he measure with his turban on LOL

Mun Yee grasping the Dinamometer with all her might (and laughing gleefully)

Results were filled onto a table, then graphed on a chart. I may be short but surprisingly my height is still under normal range. Yours truly happen to be very proportionate and all my measurements were graded NORMAL Hahahaaa results for mental health may be the opposite but that's besides the point. My chart looks lovely. Except for strength. Both my arms are super weak (ehhh, that doesnt mean I cant throw a punch) and way below negative points. I am relieved to know that my physique is still, an OK.

OMG. I gotta revise for my finals!! Time is running out!! *screams* :(


W1 said...

160?? ha ha ha ha ha ha

anyway, ur polls..i vote u 'jobless' just in case u wonder who voted with truth from the bottom of their heart.

Gorgeous Ol' Eve. Prefers Vanilla To Chocolate. You? said...

I know it's definitely you alreadylahhh.. you always "tai sei ngo" one.. *sniff, sniff*

Sha said...

Ehehehhe 160cm! It's all good my best.

This Leed Wi is such a meanie! Lol.

*waves* Hello!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve. Prefers Vanilla To Chocolate. You? said...

You know who is this Leed Wi right, my best? There.. he used to wear damn funny-looking uniform, way too tall and nerdy loitering around SSM grounds LOL

Sha said...

Ahahahha I know who he is my best. Too bad never see him in KL, can scare him a bit.

Gorgeous Ol' Eve. Prefers Vanilla To Chocolate. You? said...

Hehehehe dont worry. When I'm back and the bugger asks me go yum cha, I'll bring you along. He'll speed home crying "Mama" :P