Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Get Physical II

I think I have never blogged about a subject as much LFK. It's either I have no life or this subject is taking over my life! At 930am, our group spent the first half of our class in No.211, the Physiotherapy room. The instructor was an old lady, seemingly fit and active. 5 volunteers sat in front of her, doing simple exercises and one of them was me.

Simple it may look but after minutes of turning left and right, up and down.. I began to sweat. My thick waist tightened and my arms felt slightly tensed. We had stretch ourselves with a stick, repeatedly for a few times and then some rotating action on the limb joints. Mun Yee, Douglas, Hwong and Aksan sat out on this session.

As we begin.. (looks like we were sitting on a death row LOL)

Open 4 steps outwards, then inwards again (I had no idea so vulgar-looking)

All doing their own stunts! Me (right), Quek (left) and Sunny (praying)

The sun shines today and weather's getting warmer. It's about god damn time! I have many summer tops and short, short skirts I want to prance around in! We yakked about fashion, Mary Jane's and whatnots during break. Naturally, we got a bit bored from sitting around so we started snapping pictures of each other. What we do best :P

Victor and Sunny battling each other with imaginary light sabers LOL

Clearly Sunny was defeated and in pain.. victor, Victor!

We didnt have much idea of the wooden bars but Mun Yee and Douglas did

2 patients came in for their Physiotherapy routine as we watched on

Group 5 had a traumatic first half at 600 Koika Hospital. Jan Jan was furious with the infamous Physiotherapist. Boss and Pisa who had this cycle previously have told me horrifying stories but I didnt know things would really be SO ugly. You see, her son died in Malaysia when he was there for deep sea diving. She hates Malaysians. She yells for no apparent reason, cries at the thought of her son, then continues screaming. Basically she scolded Group 5 senseless and they were damn scared she might run amok or something.

While we were posing, reenacting scenes of Star Wars and chit-chatting about summer. Poor Group 5 :(


Sharini said...

I think LFK is taking over your life..:P
hate the cycle..the most tiring one this sem for me..
and we had d crying lady also..v were shocked wen she suddenly started crying..but thankfully she didn't shout at us..hehe

Gorgeous Ol' Eve. Prefers Vanilla To Chocolate. You? said...

You guys were lucky. Group 5 was tormented. Is this considered "end the year with a blast"?? LOL