Saturday, May 10, 2008

Fusion Or Confusion

Once Hannan pointed out to me a Thai joint located in New Arbat, which he enjoyed very much with Shidah. Since Turkish and I were going for a 930pm show are Karofilm (yes, we watched Iron Man in English!!), we decided to have dinner at that recommended restaurant.

I roughly navigated on the street but the only Asian cuisine was Om Cafe. "Om" is Hindu and what more to confirm when it's the Sanskrit symbol. We were still skeptical but ahead to check. I peeked in and asked, "Indiskii, da?". To my surprise, both the waitresses at the door answered, "Nyet, Thaiskii" in unison. WTF. I dont know if its the restaurant owner's confused or trying to confuse the locals (doesn't matter if the owner's a Russian too).

So Om Cafe is Thai huhhh. Dahlahhh the Hindu god, Ganesha was all over its interiors.. still want to lie. Here's the interesting part. Pictures of famous religious leaders were hung on the walls, there were at least 2 huge bronze Ganesha statues and his sculptures on mosaic-tile murals. The only thing Thai in their restaurant was their menu, that also shared with Japanese/Sushi. Hahahahaa Om Cafe. I love the mishmash of chiffons draped on the ceiling though. Their music was sometimes jazz, sometimes Kitaro-kind, sometimes you know in movies how the girl will seductively remove piece by piece in that kind of music, yeahh and sometimes feng tau.

I have answered 2 already, if anyone can answer the other 5.. please feel free :P

See the huge statue on the right, it's Ganesha with his little mouse too

Turkish felt blessed, sitting right below the godly head :)

Food was good though. We only had Spring Rolls for starters and a main dish of Venison in Special Om Sauce. I must say their deer meat is tender and very wild-tasting. Uhmm, unlike back home, the taste is milder. I dont know how to explain but it is different. There was even Shisha so that's Middle Eastern right? I tell you, if it wasnt for the Zen ambience, I would have gone berserk!! I had Tapioca pudding for dessert. I thought what tapioca.. it was a bowlful of sago in coconut milk!! It was delicious!!! Turkish disapproved of it LOL It was salty and gluey, he said "That is NOT dessert".

Oooohh and the cushions behind us, they were dirrrrrrrrty *frown*

Look at the bottom of the bowl.. omg.. they were damn generous :)

A very beautiful Ganesha on the tiled-wall for a Indian Thai restaurant

Anyways, very eccentric evening. Not exotic at all unfortunately and I feel sorry who those who dont know better especially ignorant white people. They just fall deeper into the well if they think all of Om Cafe is Thaiskii. Or I could be wrong, maybe it IS? :)

If I am, then my apologies in Thai, "Di-chan sia jai" *giggles*


Sha said...

OMG, Chinny! That place damn funny ahahahahhahahaha.

Btw, I don't think you'll ever, EVER find an elephant HEAD in the same room as Lord Ganesha, or any other Hindu deity.

Just the head! Where got like that. Must have full body cos it's not supposed to look like a hunting trophy. LOL. Sacrilegious siuuuuut.

Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

Hahahahaaa exactly! I didnt even know what caption to put!

Ooohhh can you gimme the site for nice free templates? I wanna change mine.

Sha said...

My best, go to

Nice templates.