Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Football Frenzy

Taken at the South Entrance with Sharon, Sukhi and Balin (yes, all Bhais)

I didnt know that the UEFA Champions Festival was SO much fun!! Half the Malaysian population was there, some even went on daily basis. The 5-day, free entrance event at the Red Square promotes both competing teams (Man U and Chelsea), photography session with the Trophy, football contests, display of UEFA Championship League memorabilia and so forth.

The queue stretched so long my camera couldnt manage to snap any longer

Note to keep in mind. ALL of the activities require queuing so long, a pregnant woman would have given birth on the spot. Piece of advice, best if you have fed yourself, emptied your bladder/bowels and bring some water to drink. After Paediatrics class this afternoon, I followed Noreen, Manisha and Geet to see whats the current hype. The place wasnt as crowded as I had imagined. I was only dumbstruck to see the queue into the Trophy Room. Easily a 400m line.

Met Prashant and his girlfriend who queued for almost 2 hours, maybe more

Pisa and Shu's visit to the festival yesterday, spot Han of M2 (circled)

Piggyback-ridin' on Sharon!! Notice Han again today
(proof of Malaysians should camp there one shot LOL)

But like I said, Malaysians were everywhere and I was very fortunate to see Yun Kin, Siew Lian, Guan Yong and Sunny quite near the door. Hahahaha next thing which took place was me, posing beside the glass-encased Trophy :P Inside the Trophy room, a photographer from the local newspaper snapped pictures of me non-stop. Non-stop means non-stop. Made me go back and pose!! I was quite flattered but how would I know right, maybe he deleted everything after I left the room!!

Aaahhhh, what a shiny smile trophy!

Sharon, Sukhi, Jas were loitering around when we were queuing at the "Priceless Photo" booth sponsored by MasterCard. We pose with arms in the air, as though holding/grabbing the invisible trophy while the very nice crew folks adjust on the screen to merge the picture, and print out the illusion as though you got your hands on the trophy LOL Technology nowadays. It was really cool though, the MasterCard looks good and I heard one junior saying "Ehhh machaa, I can bring my chick for dinner with this aaahhh?". Sure, she'll never go out with you again. Period.

The middle guy, from the angle looks like he was happy to hold the pillar LOL

Nice crew folks who generously print more than one copy upon requests

I only asked for one copy, sorry a bit blur. I used by Nokia 6300 to snap

Naturally there were many English fans, the Breet-ishhh. I saw many good-looking, metro hunks and Hugh Grant lookalikes but I also saw a couple of die hard, football fans. You know the rowdy, fat and noisy (also unattractive, possibly with bad teeth) species. I guess they were just having a good time.

I have labeled the typical markers for a football Brit fan (or two)

MU fan all the way from Sutty Moston? Or is his name Sutty? "Ohhh Sutty!"

Of course.. you have the Chelsea fans as well :)

My fav pic, foosball kids and the Russian Historical Museum in the background

We scouted the entire area, me often hung out with different crowds. Hannan and Shidah were there too, I saw Paul and Suren, Khairimi and Ashikin etc Much later when I was leaving the place, the Malay boys were walking in so I u-turned again and lingered longer until Turkish came :) I waited for him to watch the 1/2hours movie inside the half-shaped football dome. The movie shows the history of UEFA dramatic and triumphant, their legendary players, several ground-shaking finales of the century and stuff. Verrrrry nice.

Maybe if there's any kakis, I wanna go there again tomorrow!! Aiyaaa.. cannot afford the tickets, just fart around the for free LOL 6 years in Moscow, now only good things seem to happen!! Ooohh I was nicknamed Coco Lee by Manisha since I was hustling for goodies (for them too) and trying to bring in their friends into the queue. Hahahahaha Coco Lee. Nahhh, call me Coco Nut :P

More pictures, taken here and there.

Snippets of the movie I stringed together.. in no sequence

The official merchandise shop, I didnt get anything though

When it started to drizzle, as you can see Geet is well-prepared LOL

The DJ of the event, damn hyper guy but the songs he spins so-so only

Hahahaha look at the cameraman!! He recorded my pose live on air :P

Last picture to end this entry *wink* Man U or Chelsea? Choose your side!

Okay, okay. Enough photos.


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argggh!!! i shud be there..
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