Monday, May 26, 2008

Food For Thought VI

I was Form 4 (aahhh, sweet 16) when I had my first relationship. Okay, let me rephrase. First proper relationship. Damon doesnt count because it lasted 41 days because my parents threw a fit even when I only sipping Milo with him in the school canteen LOL

8 years down the road and the number of ex-boyfriends I have is one hand. Okay, again I should rephrase because those guys in between, "almost but nothing official happened" might need another hand and maybe many some toes. You know what, it's really no fun. The admirers, the flirtatious bunch, the emo ones, the confessed/professed fellas etc. After the landslide, they tend to vanish but those who linger stay in the hopeful category.

It's a fact that the name list contains 90% non-Chinese. I dont know why. It's not like I wish/-ed for it. I dont. It just happens. The other day I was having lunch with some friends and a girl said she wouldnt date a non-Chinese because language is a barrier. Language is a barrier?

I speak Cantonese, Mandarin, Hokkien, Teochew and Hakka fluently! I can read too. I practice every Chinese custom there is, somewhat religious and fond of Chinese literature. I dont see an increase of Chinese candidates lined up my door also. Surely the equation of language and race doesnt justify. Every summer holidays when I return to Malaysia, the number of guys who are attracted to me are Indians.

My best friends see me wearing a sari on my wedding LOL

The ultimate was a pious, vegetarian Bhai who wears a turban. That left most of my friends in shock. It ended shortly anyways because he was an idiot. A fucking MOFO. He better not let me see him again. I'll hit his head so hard, meters of cloth will fly. Period.

So yeah, I am currently in a relationship with Turkish. Some wonder why, when I am graduating in no time. Others assume I am a "player" or in disrespectful words, "itchy". That's very wrong. I never plan to fall in/out of love or plan a short/long term relationship. It just happens. Why a foreigner? I dont know too. It just happened. My Mum always says, "Doesnt matter if he is a Chinese guy or an Indian guy, black guy or white guy as long as he is a good guy".

Now how true and creditable is that!!

I would like it to be different this time. I am pretty tired of changing "pictures". I like my pictures with Turkish. I frame them up and design our photo albums. We already have a stack LOL Some people say being single is better. Not entirely true. If the person who make that statement always had terrible experiences, then yes. For those who has never been in a relationship but says that, it's utter cock. In all honesty, being in love and having both friends and someone special in your life.. it's a gift. It's the present to live for.


Anonymous said...

You're right! On all counts!

Don't worry, this one will be around for quite some time, I can see it! and you know Pisa knows all and sees all....

Gorgeous Ol' Eve. Prefers Vanilla To Chocolate. You? said...

Hahahahaa thanks for the well wishing :) **Pisa! You've got a fan (seems to know you too)

AzAzura said...

player or gatal hell with the self appointed shallow judges , it's your life and its up to you.My mum said the same too... as long as he is a nice guy.
BTW ,you and your boyfriend looks happy and cute together and I wish you all the happiness.