Thursday, May 01, 2008

Flying Flags

The last time I attended the annual South West Planet carnival at PFU (People's Friendship University) was in 2003. Last year I wanted to go when Leed Wi and his friends were down but I flew home for Daddy's funeral. Yes, today marks Daddy's 1-year anniversary on the Gregorian calendar. No worries, all is well. All is well :)

Balloons in the air.. oooohhh balloons in the air! (after the starting ceremony)

It wasnt very clever to be queuing 20 meters from the entrance at 2pm+. The heat from the sun and close body contacts irritated me. Plus my short height, not to say I got the nicest air! *humpphh* But once we made it through the metal detectors, the atmosphere and colourful crowd excited me!! Exactly like how I remembered it. Stalls set up by PFU students, a mix of nationalities promoting their countries and selling goodies Made In China.

Baikal girls in their traditional costumes (later only I found out I wore a man's hat)

Zimbabwe!! That guy was really friendly, Africans sure have grrrreat smiles!

I looooooooove events like this. You see laughter everywhere, people dressed in their best (even if they think so hahahahahaa), posing for cameras left and right, cheers (and jeers), all of it! There were random groups of people dancing in circles, some without music, just clapping and singing together.. damn nice! So harmonious. Turkish was delightful to see a stall from his country. The guys were hot! Wait, wait. Let me dig the picture.. their stall was boring actually. Nothing but pamphlets and brochures from Tourism Turkiye.. *drools*.

Hahahahaaha 2 dudes holding up speakers for the crowd to do some groovin'

Merhabaaaaa!! Okay, except for the "round" fella.. the spikey-hair ones are cute

Malaysia doesnt recognise this university so there are none from ours studying there. Word is, they Medical Faculty is just as hebat but dunno. Not hebat enough I guess. But then ahhh.. the number of Malaysians I saw there, I think we can easily request to set up a stall too!!

Students from Land of Smiles, Thailand! They were pleased when I Sawadee-ed them :)

A sweet Mexican girl who sold me La Gueritas (some rice water cocktail drink)

Turkish and I tried hard to Lomo the ongoings. There were just too many people crowding. We are very new with Diana+ so we arent practising candid shots yet. Both of us still think before clicking, or wait a bit more for a better angle. I enjoyed the tents from Mongolia, Irkutsk and that one more country I cant remember. Inside were decorated like how one should be, with woolly items, more woolly items and explanation of their cultures. Verrrrry interesting.

I like this picture of the Irkutsk man and female hidden in the background :)

And no, I doubt there are NIKE Irkutsk shoes LOL

OMG. There are tons of pictures I want to post up here but you know this bloody site has limit for photo storage :( If I want to increase, I have to pay.. I guess I will eventually have to if this BLOG of mine lives. I was pretty torn to attend my group gathering at Aksan's place after this. It wasnt confirmed last night but my groupmates have been calling for hours for me to go. It's been a while since there was something like that so I will and introduce Turkish to them for the first time!! :)

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