Saturday, May 03, 2008

Embassy BBQ

When I was with Aron, I isolated myself from a lot of activities with the fellow Malaysians. For example, I had stopped attending our Embassy’s annual BBQ (since 1st year) because foreigners weren’t allowed. 5 years have passed and I couldn’t miss today for the world. I had so much fun, under the sun, in my shades and participating in the childish fun games the committee planned for us :)

Everything was well-organised. Surprisingly it was only for M1 students and the number of students didn’t cause a stampede at the food section. The queue was proper, quick as well. There were sausages, chicken wings, coleslaw and whatnots to go about (I only had some sausages, nicked from my friends’ plates). I’m always there to socialize with my friends, not to feast.. unless food is awfully good LOL There were many BBQ pits. Good job for a change!!

Hahahahaaa looks damn good right (look closer.. some burnt chicken wings :P)

Uhmmmm.. J2 was holding this plate but I only wanted to focus on his plate LOL

I was in the Yellow Team, took part in the first two games: 1) the water balloon game- 8 of us in a line, toss behind until the last one places it in the pail so the team with most number of balloons win. 2) sweets in flour games- yeahhh, pick them out with ours mouths and into the bucket, team with most number of sweets win. Hahahahahahaa we lost both :P

The cheerleaders for Yellow Team! Von Yen, Zhao Ing and Geet!! *me too, of course*

The 3-legged race I mentioned earlier. Damn primary school, right?? :)

The water balloons came in really handy, monkeys like yours truly hid the extra ones and threw at each other. It was fun!! I only managed to take some pictures with my Nokia 6300. Many, many, many folks took pictures with me though :P “Can I take a picture with youuuuuu??”, “OMG. You look diva-liciousssss!!”, “Oooohhhh aren’t you just fantabulous!!” etc. Errr.. I thought I looked pretty casual for a BBQ!! :)

Clockwise: Me, Mun Yee, Geet, Zhao Ing, Douglas, Noreen and Mel under the sun!

Ajed with me, Christabel and Lai Yee (who sneaked up on us hehehehee)

Group of monkeys LOL Sharon, Min, Christopher, Sukhdev (not Sukhi) and Macik

I realized I have been MIA for the past couple of months (since Turkish and I started seeing each other). But then again, I don’t recall any activities except cookouts in the hostel and the M-nite which took place last Saturday. But that M-nite thingy.. I wasn’t even informed about it :( Anyways, I kinda expected I would be absent from the society when I have a boyfriend. I guess if and when there are any upcoming events, I will bring Turkish along from now on. Problems solved ;)

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