Friday, May 30, 2008

Coffee & Hot Chocolate

Looks like I was kinda very drunk yesterday. Turkish got back from the airport around 8pm and the first thing he said to me was, "You smell of bad alcohol!". Hahahahaa guess I did :P

Oooohh Turkish got me a Sony W120, among other stuffs!! I was very surprised!! It's black, sleek and the picture quality is superb! Okaylahhh.. excuse my jakun-ness (slang=Jakun) since the most hi-tech gadget I own is my Nokia 6300. Naturally everything that lands in my hands will be like, "Waaahhh!!" to me.

Mun Yee took the print on my tiny Hot Chocolate cup :)

My groupmates and I had a gathering at Starlite Diner (M.Mayakovskaya) around 930am. I brought my brand new digital camera along! Everyone came, Aksan even brought Diana except for Quek, who refused to come. Bugger. The weather was lovely, though interchanged with some thick clouds and gusty winds in between. I was so busy trying out my new toy, often snapping pictures of others! My order turned slightly cold by the time I settled down in my chair. Bleh.

Coffee Americano was free flowing, which was good because we sat there for a long time. Past 11am, the Breakfast menu stops and we can only order the normal stuff then. I enjoyed my Sunny Side-ups! Very tasty! Though I must say 3 eggs in one go is not very good, I thought maximum consumption per day should be 2 but hell, it's so yummy. I'd have 4! *just joking*. Food was awesome (like always). Sunny wanted to share pancakes or was it waffles with me and I was like, "OMG. I cannot do it" LOL

Top: Diana (steak), Aksan (blini), Sunny (steak) and Victor (steak AND omelette!)
Bottom: Mun Yee (waffles), Douglas and Zhao Ing (egg Benedicts), Hwong (steak)

These cartoons made fun of my outfit, said I look like Starlite Diner's waitress!
I said, "My skirt's different, it's higher ranking. That's why I can sit with you all"

We were trying out different settings, figuring how to use some buttons and functions.. it was fun :) This model is has Smile Shutter™ technology, Face Detection, Super SteadyShot® etc but I dont have much idea what they are for LOL Super SteadyShot®, of course.. even a Parkinson patient can use it! Shaky hands, objects in motion are captured as quite still and clear images. Skeptical, Sunny and I did an experiment LOL

Sunny's hands were steady but I was shaking vigorously. Results: Good

Mun Yee on Smile Shutter™.. I'm still trying to understand its function LOL

We proceeded to the park at the Mocceta Theatre facade. I brought a huge bag of stale bread with me to feed to the birds. I doubt my groupmates have ever fed birds before. As you know how yours truly loves it but still hates the pigeons though :P Hanging out with my groupmates today felt different. Somehow I know it's prolly the last or perhaps one of the very last times we would do something like that. Look how Quek didnt even show up, not to say it was damn complete. He overslept. Pfffttttt.

I didnt realise I was dressed like a candy today, pink and purple!

The only females in Group 3 (according to height too LOL)

Party's over. Time to hit the books!


Sha said...

YAYYYY! Finally! You have a cam too!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve. Prefers Vanilla To Chocolate. You? said...

Hahahahaa yes!! Turkish and I are going to test it out together today! OOoohhh and Jason helped figure out whats the Smile Shutter for! It snaps automatically at grinning faces!! Verrrrry candid!!