Sunday, May 04, 2008

Figures Not Numbers

Can you believe I had class on a Sunday? Hahahahaha it is officially a working day in fact. It’s a replacement for the 3-day break since 1st May. Thursday, Friday and Saturday off and back to work/class on Sunday. Utter cock!

Turkish and I walked past 5 Metro stations today. From Park Kultury to Oktyabrskaya, Krapotkinskaya, Biblioteka imini Lenina and Ohotnyei Ryad. For what? For sight-seeing! My calves are ass-tight after so much walking, I tell you! The day was too beautiful. We walked along the riverbank, crossed it and stumbled upon the ART Museon, an open-air museum park with hundreds of sculptures made of clay, steel and wood. Next to it is the New Tretyakovskaya Gallery of 20th century collection which we decided to visit some other day.

The entrance to ART Museon, one look you can tell it's good stuff! ;)

I have successfully converted Turkish into a camwhore!! :P

I love Turkish. We both have a passion for nature, artsy-fartsy stuff and everything under the sun (although he turns into a lobster after a while LOL). He values old and sentimental items. He fancies anything aged and seasoned. In another words, he is a real apek. Simple and sweet. poetic and charming with words. Laughs heartily and finds everything in sight amusing, much like me. We scoped around the Museon, snapping pictures with Diana+ and this time, with a B&W roll of film. I am curious how the pictures will turn out!! :)

One of Moscow's main landmark by the riverbank, now its a Ghost House..

Try not to look at the river.. it's fucking filthy with god-knows-what!!

The museum park extends all the way to the other side of the river. You know how Moscow river has loops like a snake. I had enough of artistic sculptures so we decided to drop by the Krasnei Oktyabr Chocolate Factory! Much to our disappointment, the factory’s museum was closed. Pffffttttt, the City Hall might as well tear the stupid building down since it isn’t operating anymore. There isn’t even a kiosk that sells chocolates.

The lady who snapped this picture for us did a grrrrrreat job with the angles!!

We proceeded to Krapotkinskaya’s Christ the Saviour Cathedral. We only stood around outside. We will bring Mummy and Fats inside when they are here. I remember the holy paintings on the dome took my breathe away.. that was a long, long time ago. We continued walking till Biblioteka imini Lenina. Turkish and I fed bread crumbs to the pigeons on the steps of the National Library. A few photography enthusiasts didn’t hesitate to focus their SLRs on us hahahahaa. After Istanbul, I have the urge every now and then to feed birds. Just between us, I ain’t a fan of pigeons. There are too many of them, they shit all over the place and are damn brave, wont even budge when they are in your way. One day I shall attempt to kick them.

I was pigeon-feeding last week like this.. shame on me LOL

I look like a girl you dont wanna mess with in this pose :P

We had late lunch/early dinner at La Cantina on the left side of Tverskaya Street. For 6 years, I’ve been up and down that street but never stepped into that Mexican restaurant hehehee. Both of us had cold beers. It’s been ages since I drank Corona Extra, it was refreshing! We ordered a plate of Pato Quesadillas and Potato Boats (filled with cheese, jalapenos, salsa, guacamole, red/green peppers etc). My soles were killing me already. The veins on my feet were so dilated I swear they were visible from 2metres away!!

It was enough. I needed to start on my Parasitology project. Presentation is on Wednesday and I need to discuss with my group about the topic. The top 6 groups will get to compete and the winning project will be published in PubMed, an online Medical Journal. My group isn’t keen on the competition, I think. Good. Less work for me :P


W1 said...

your blog can change name to
'Moscow Travel n Dine guide'

Anonymous said...

You should visit Tsaritsino park and museum. It was totally renovated last year and is the best Moscow park nowdays.

Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

Hahahahaa Turkish told me to do that alreadyloooooo.. maybe I will ;)

Thank you, Anonymous for the suggestion. I was there with my friends in September last year. You could see some pictures from the Memory Bank (side bar)!!