Friday, May 23, 2008

Bones And Bowls

This morning was rainy, roads were wet and class was in M.Novoslabodskaya up north. The No.11 FizKult Department is located 15-20minutes by foot from the Metro somemore (closer to M.Mendeleevskaya but that fucking exit was blocked). Not forgetting that I carelessly overshot the stupid building, walked 2 blocks extra and scurried back. No doubt that I am very fit for this subject. Pundek sial. Why, ohhhh why?

The distance is so bloody long I couldnt even google a complete map for it!
I shamelessly had to u-turn from Dom 64 (that's like 10 fucking doors farther!!)

Okay, class wasnt a Spice Girls' concert but thank God the teacher was a real sweetheart. Her lecture on Scoliosis, bone deformation and Trauma was loud and clear. Her tone of speech was captivating and no one had the heart to doze off. Except for Quek who sat right behind me, kept disturbing and whispering in my ear as though the teacher could hear him. "Lheeeii zhhhiizhhh, shiihhh, shiiihhhh, har? Shhhaaa.. zzsshhiiii, ssshhhhh shhhlorrr.. yesssshhh". Sigh.

We measured our waistline and spine this time. My back is rather arched, I must say. Hwong measured me the first time, it was 7cm. Normal range is between 5-6cm. So we measured again. Hahahahaa on the second try, it became 6cm. You see how numbers change quickly. My waist is 3.5cm (I forgot the normal range). Min Guan and Wei Shiong volunteered to strip and show us their tits demonstrate the symmetry of the shoulders. Min Guan's waist is asymmetrical on the left side, meaning his beer belly is slightly slanted LOL

Wei Shiong's back view, see how professional our teacher is

Wei Shiong has a slight "pigeon chest" (a groove on the sternum) and because he is skinny, his spine is very prominent and when he bent over, it looked like they were gonna puncture his back! Oooohhh, remember the chart I wrote about earlier? Wei Shiong sat beside me and I peeked his results. Only his height is in the normal range, the rest are negative. Hehehee some unnecessary information.

Anyways, after class ended, I had lunch with Group 5 (except for Jan Jan who ciao-ed) along with Quek, Sunny and Victor. We went to Udonya San. Last year when we were having TB cycle, we passed by the corner restaurant every damned day and I remember Quek said he was going to buy me lunch there. Buy me lan (Cantonese=balls) might happen sooner LOL

Cheap Japanese udon and rice. I had a Kid's Menu plus side orders :)

We came, we ordered and emptied the bowls (and plates and cups)


soolynnie said...

Hello Thong Bao!! You long time didnt speak Cantonese already issit?!?! Lan = Penis.... not balls lar. Balls = Chun Toi

Gorgeous Ol' Eve. Prefers Vanilla To Chocolate. You? said...

Ooohhh yes ahh, I forgot it's Hokkien. Not Cantonese LOL I meant the "lan" from "lan pa".

Aiyaaa.. no worrieslahh. Got you to correct my vulgarities. Thank you, Soo Lynnie Tong Bao!!