Saturday, May 17, 2008


After we purchased our return tickets for St.Petersburg (yes, we got them finally!!), Turkish brought me to this Russian-French cafe at M.Belorusskaya for late lunch. I was starving and hoping to eat some meat!! How many days I havent been a carnivore.. ever since the fridge broke down completely :(

Landrin was once Gregory Efimovich Yeliseyev's confectionery shop - the owner of a magnificent sweet shop known to all Moscow. He had a baker name Fyeodor Landrin (Ландринъ) who made sweets so fancy and delicious, people lined up till Kuznetsky Most to Bolshaya Lubyanka. Something like that. Who knows how true because the food wasnt any different and dessert seemed so-so only.

This is when I use the classic Cantonese line, "Nice to look at, not nice to eat".

Would you like or not when your food comes looking so phallic like a dick? Pffftttt. I ordered "De Valei Chicken Cutlet with Mushrooms and Baked Apple". They might as well name it "Plate for Eve". She ate the Forbidden Fruit and ahem, ahem, dont we all know what she ate from Adam after that LOL Wait a minute. Eve. That's me. WTF, WTF. I'm telling you, this joint is evil. *^#$x@$^#xx%$@#!

Lemonades (bluish one is mine, with mint syrup), Borsch (definitely from Maggi packets), Turkish's "Fricassee Pot" and my phallic plate

The interior is unique though. Yellow, amberish hue with crooked/edged tree motives on the walls, pictures and plates of French ladies, on the screens and styled like early 20th-century. Turkish and I sat on the couch which was comfortable. At least more comfortable than their "nice to look at, not nice to sit" chairs. The spine has an open gap. You cant rest your back nicely, your head might get stuck if it's small. It just looks weird.

Hahahahaha I can change behind this screen and no one can see

An illustration of the case (that might happen) if you choose to sit on this chair

The waiters took too long to bring our food and seriously, it wasnt worth the wait. The colours started to sink in and my eyes were irritated with the lighting. But more and more people poured in for tea-time though. The washroom design is normal. Maybe slightly newer than my apartment's. That's it. And we have nicer handwash shampoo and toilet paper.

Mistake: Should NEVER thumbs up an unknown joint before entering!!

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