Thursday, May 01, 2008

Aksan's Party

The gathering at Aksan’s place turned out grrrrrreat! I introduced Turkish for the first time to my groupmates. I must be honest that I was rather nervous, unsure how they would react to my boyfriend and a stranger at Group 3’s private event. Guess I should have more faith in them hahahahaa

Party was supposed to start at 4pm. We got there at 7pm (an hour after the rest). When Turkish and I entered the hallway, I sensed that Quek was a lala already. The guys had consumed lots of vodka in the living room with Aksan and Diana (his Russian wife). Mun Yee, Zhao Ing and Victor were busy preparing Nasi Lemak in the kitchen.

My groupmates who cook up wonders in the kitchen.. well, most of the time they do!!

Aksan, our groupmate from Mauritius who agrees to be from Malaysia too LOL

We were seated and served. Aksan played an excellent host. There were 3 kinds of salads on the table, Diana had baked French Lasagna for the evening. Quek kept apologizing to me, drank, made conversations with Turkish, drank while I watched on. Hahahahaha Quek. Please teach me how to take this guy seriously.

Between a very drunk Quek and my boyfriend, Turkish :)

I finally had the guts to ask Sunny while isn’t he talking to me. He pretty much ignored my question at first but I asked him again. He said “Because you have a boyfriend already”. I must say I was dumbfounded. All I could think of was “so?” spelled in capital letters. He added that “I somehow knew it. You have found your happiness”. The same question I was thinking of became font size 56, bold. I tried to protest that couldn’t be the reason but left it at that anyways. If my guess is correct, he prolly still wants me. Poor thing.

Chow time!! Hwong scooping curry for Victor, the rest have started eating :)

I cant remember what the joke was about, Quek prolly said something silly :P

The Nasi Lemak was a flop with weird-tasting Sambal Ikan Bilis. We kept on toasting for the rest of the evening. I enjoy drinking, I cant stress how much I enjoy it LOL The company was good, the mood was right and I haven’t felt the unity/spirit with Group 3 for quite some time. It was only incomplete without Douglas who had gone clubbing.. or had his own agenda. Ohhhh well, I am sure there'll always be a next time!! *grins*

I uploaded this picture onto Facebook too, I was really happy doing the "Quek Moves"

Tonight, Quek and I broke our silence and somewhat with Sunny too. Turkish and I left around 11pm. I am glad my groupmates liked him, complimented that he is polite and gentle. Quek was too dramatic to say more than he should in his state of drunkenness. Still, I am glad :)

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