Saturday, April 26, 2008


Today's weather was exceeeellent!Sunny and bright, Turkish and I made a trip up north to All-Russia Exhibition Center (Russian=BBЦ) with Diana+!! Actually we were juggling between Boss' Olympus and our analog camera. Turkish had learned about the settings for the past 2 days, we were very excited to do a test run on it. It was my first time to VDNKh (yes, yes.. I myself wonder what I did here for the past 6 years :P).

The Propylaea, main entrance to the VDNKh

Turkish in front of the Central Pavilion and Lenin :)

VDNKh occupies 2,375,000 square meters. There are too many buildings/pavilions that hold exhibitions and gigantic statues at every corner. We only managed to cover 30% of the place. At first the both of us beria-ria snapping pictures high and low, then the more we walked, legs and our backs started to ache.

The "Plants and Seeds" pavilion, it looks like the St.Peter's Basilica in Rome eh?

Advanced, bungee-styled of trampoline.. lucky kid

And right next to it are monkey kids jumping behind cages LOL

Clockwise: Classic cars on display (and for test drive), horse-riding, rollerbladers, someone's Terrier, Sponge Bob to take pictures with *hehehe*, yummy almond stalls and banana-feeding for the elephante!

Hahahahaa it was fun though. There were some exhibitions going on but we only stood around the façade of the buildings. There were too much ongoings in the open, roller-bladers showing off their skills (blading between the little cones), watching out for the reckless cyclists (yeahh, I nearly got run down) and food stalls aplenty (shaslik, beer bars, donuts, fried almonds etc).

Moscow is 850 years old, not this ferris wheel LOL

Turkish and I took a death romantic ride on the Ferris Wheel. We chose to sit in the Open-air cabin (it was my idea). When we were at the highest point, Mr.Wind just had to blow on us and we were dangling in midair. I nearly pee-ed in my pants! (even though I was wearing a dress). The view was gorgeous though, overlooking the entire area of VDNKh. Maybe I am old now, heart has weakened, eyes are blurry because back then, thriller rides made my day *reminiscing the trip to Alton Towers in UK- nice!*.

Waiting for our turn, grinning as we were oblivious to the potential danger..

My view from abov (the 2 girls look like they're discussing something damn serious)

There are few more pictures which I intend to post here but I'm not sure why the server isnt letting me :( With that, I shall end this entry because the weekend because tomorrow there's another outing for Turkish and I. We have finished a roll of 120mm on Diana+, we have 2 more rolls of film. We will get them developed, ooohhh I cant wait to see them!! :)


soolynnie said...

hahha... you look Marilyn Monroe in your white dress. minus the cardi.

Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

Waahhhh, got or not!! Marilyn Monroe?? LOL I am soooooooo flattered coming from you!!