Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Uzbek Proper

Let me continue. We left Respublika, I walked hand-in-hand with Turkish and swinging our Diana+ with my right. We headed to Art-Chaikhona (an authentic Uzbekistan tea house) in Trehprudny Pereulok. Damn hidden place behind one building after another.. only Turkish will find locations to these restaurants!

Service was great. Yes, I have reserved a couch seat for us beforehand and the manager, Elena was very efficient. The couch seat was more than a sofa, it was on a podium in the VIP section. The table was huge, seats cushioned with Middle Eastern motives and the view from the window definitely exposed us to any hitmen. Our waiter recommended us their "specials", from dishes to drinks. Luckily everything was nice, otherwise I would have sounded him nicely!

Uzbek cuisine.. they taste really different actually

Pilaf Uzbekskii, some cheesy/herby-tasting pancakes, lamb (for me) and beef kebabs, Airan and baked aiva with crushed walnuts. Have we forgotten that I was piggin' in Starlite Diner earlier? Either ways, I didnt stop piggin'. Turkish was damn cute, he read the manual while I checked out Diana+. No, no. We need to follow or at least understand what the adjustments are for. Lomography encourages spontaneous captures and stuff but still, there should be knowledge to even know how to snap them.

Say "Hellooooooooo, Diana!!"

*Reminder: it's an analog-camera, pictures developed will have to be scanned then only I can share them here. Come to think of it, investment has to be made for this newfound hobby. No wonder Turkish asked me a couple of times, "Will you use it?". Hehehee I told him if I get bored of it, consider Diana+ as the best Russian souvenir there ever is :)


Lee Agas Guang said... u got analog camera! but i was wondering how did u get that spontaneous shot (the one u're holding the camera while Turkish was readind) Thats a nice one!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

I have one Olympus (analog-cam) collecting dust in the cupboard. Consider Diana+ a new toy ;)

Ohhhh that shot? I set my hp's cam on timer.. it was pretty candid because I just left it there without counting heheheee Thanks though!