Monday, April 07, 2008

Turkish Exposed

I felt like "I got punk'd" at Forensics today. My group and 2 other groups mass bunked lecture, except for uninformed people like me, Aksan and 3 more students. We sat through 2 hours of Soviet-era videos on vehicle accident injuries (which was rather interesting) but still, it was draggy and I was damn tired from yesterday.

Min Guan snapped this picture for us with Dinesh's hp

After the circus show, I decided to bring Turkish to Jed's birthday party. He turned 23 and invited quite a number of fellas to the Korean Restaurant at Yugo-Zapadnaya. It was the first time I introduced Turkish to my batchmates :) Jed booked a private room for this event. Jed's girlfriend, Sophie helped us with the grill and made some chitchats. I know inside stories from Leed Wi about her so I must admit I look at her differently.. she is nice in general. Until, she got drunk from beer, champagne, wine and neat whiskey.. she threw a tantrum and made a scene with Jed.

The whole room pretended not to notice and continued yakking. I was sitting right in front of them and yeahh, I got the best view :P Jed told her to mix her whiskey twice to which she sulked and the scene came after he told her to slow down on her drinking. Hahahahaa do not tell a Russian that! She openly swung off his arms and pushed him away when he tried to pacify her. Well, she can be excused I guess, she was drunk.

Turkish enjoyed the gathering, he helped foot the bill which came up short. I disliked the staff who are actually China-chinese running a Korean joint. They were very grumpy and impatient with us. I dont think I like the place at all. Jed is a good boy, we did attachment together in 2005 at HUKM that summer and had lots of fun together with How How. But with this Russian chick who changes boyfriends like clothes, (quoted from Leed Wi), I hope hes aware of that.


W1 said...

WEIIIIIIIIIIIII....can u stop quoting me and using my name without previous authorization!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hahahhaha...wat la u..

another thing is, why Turkish gets a nickname aka "Turkish", and i gotto be fully exposed!!!????

Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

hahahaha i really didnt expect you to read my blog!! last time gave you the add you never visited also!!