Saturday, April 19, 2008

Stuffed Animals

My 2nd visit to Lomonosov's Zoological Museum! I went there in 2006 by myself and adored the taxidermy collection. Absolutely gorgeous but I know, I know.. morbid too since these animals were killed and then stuffed for display. But artistically speaking, they are very attractive. So alive, only motionless. Turkish enjoyed it as much as I did.

Sorry about the mutant lizard, I know it aint a mammal LOL

Notice the strange-looking eagle with a funky hairdo hehehee

I felt sorry for some baby animals. Like a family of 3-5 cubs never got to live into adulthood! On a more sympathetic scale, there were even eggs that never hatched. Damn the taxidermists!! But, but.. the museum couldnt have existed then :P I was a bit miffed to see an Irkutsk mammoth skeleton in poor condition at the bottom of the stairwell. But then again, this museum is more than two-centuries-old. I guess they have preserved it long enough.

I asked Turkish which animal did he like most, he said "You". Hahahahaha he thinks he is funny. We had a lot of fun even though my backache was giving me hell. I hate it when its the time of the month. I become cripple. Luckily, some Pikachu lookalikes at the Rodent section shifted my attention from the pain. Posing for pictures worked too LOL

Noooooo.. this aint mockery. The beaver is just so adorable!

Hahahahaa despite being the African killers, Hippos are my best friends

And I lose control when I see my distant relatives, babi hutan!!


Emonix said...


Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

Knew you'd like them :)

Multifuncional said...

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W1 said...

wow, nice pic. you look real cute next to those stuff animals, and u look like them too!

I think calling u "babihutan-hippo-beaver" as a nick is too long.OK, lets just refer u as BABI!!

actually, my frens refer u as "golden pig" chinjoo=kam chu (in canto)

Reens said...
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Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

Oi! Who are those monkey friends of yours calling me Kam Chu?? LOL