Tuesday, April 29, 2008


So many events, so little time!!

This Gynaecology cycle is really crap. Our teacher, Dr.Dolgushina from previous semester is on leave. Some days we were sent home because there was no one to teach us. Luckily tomorrow is the last day.. we will get our zacheot one way or another. Seriously, this 2-week plus cycle is a waste of time :(

Turkish and I developed our first set of Lomography!! For 2 rolls of 120mm films, the price came up to 230pyb (RM30.70). A total of 22 pictures but I must say they all look perfect! Very Lomo-styled :) Only a couple are blurry, due to wrong adjustment of the distance and lighting. Ahhhh I need to scan and post them here!!

Long list of activities:

Tricia's birthday on 30th (sooooooooo badly wish I could be there!!)
Carnival at PFU on Labour Day, May 1st
Aksan's house party on May 1st, afternoon I think
BBQ at the Malaysian Embassy on May 3rd
Trip to Podolsk or Kolomenskoe on May 4th

And when do I start studying for final exams???

I'll check my calendar on that later. I am knees deep in playing and fun, not with books :P


Hannan said...

better never than being late
no need to start la... :P

Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

Hahahahaa no need to start?? I'm not a whizz kid like you okay :)