Thursday, April 24, 2008

Shoot Us

All the 6th year foreign students had our photo session today, for the yearbook and it only signals one thing.. graduation!! I know, I know there'll be exams first :P

Betty (in front of me), one of the very few non-Malaysian friends I have

Arunah helping me adjust my collar I think, or my hair :)

I was surprised to see Betty, a girl from Gabon whom I met in my 1st Year. She gave birth to a baby girl a couple of months ago in Russia, she said her mum's taking care of the baby. I almost forgot we graduate together this year hahahahaa There were many other foreign students in the room whose faces are familiar, yet neither party has attempted to speak to each other. Ohhhh well :)

The Coolest: Ashish, Aaron Yim, Viro, Hari, Ritim, Dipta, Keong, Shu and Tina

I was REALLY looking forward to this day since 2 weeks ago not for the professional photography but the ones taken afterwards by ourselves. Viro and Praveen's pictures from yesteryears looked so happy and fun. But unfortunately, no one in my group was interested in doing so. By the time I joined the queue, a few of my groupmates were done and leaving the Dean's office. I was disappointed. Their reason was "Aiyaaa.. no robe or hat also, take what?". Goodness. Take what? I rest my case anyways.

This 11th Floor is a student's lifeline here is where you do your registration, application, everything! How nice if my group were willing enough or be in the mood for some nice pictures? *sigh*

Quek has his heart in the right place but the brains is just elsewhere

I snapped a nice picture with you-know-who. I havent spoken to him since Therapy cycle. After Therapy was Surgery and then Forensics. So that makes 1 1/2 month of cold shoulder to him. He and his bloody mouth. I smacked his face and since then, weve never spoken even after exchange of apologies. We act civil towards each other, thats about it. He's the only 1 person I can hate and like at the same time. As much as I would like things to return to the way they once were, I know its impossible. Perhaps its only better this way?


W1 said...

hate n like - ambivalance. main symptom of schizophrenia..hahaha..i just had this topic today...sei lor chin joo, u need meds anot?

chiiliyeow said...

dont bother him gal, he's just being annoying. By the way, congratulation, future life-saver a.k.a doctor!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

Hahahahahaa thank you, thank you! Soon, soon you will wear also! :)

Ehhh orang utan, you just sit quietly in your jungle please :P

Lee Agas Guang said... fast take photo meh..ngehehehe..anyways, all the best in the exam ya..if scared..wear nike shoes :D

Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

NIKE shoes boost speed, confidence can also ahhh? LOL

Lee Agas Guang said...

now nike boost speed ar? huhu..dangz..ok ok..wear nike old skool de...then should be okay! ngehehe XD