Saturday, April 05, 2008


Finally we found it!! I came, I saw.. I went home empty-handed LOL

I love furry animals! Turkish, Dinesh, his girlfriend and I went to the Ptichii Rinok (Russian=Bird Market) this afternoon, which is remotely located at the outskirts of Moscow. Getting there seemed never ending. From taking the Metro to bus and then walking hundreds of meters to the place. 6 years ago when I came to Russia, I have heard about this illegal pet market but it was shifted elsewhere. No one knew of its new location. Then roughly 4 years ago, Boss and Pisa got the address from a cab driver, I think and that was the historical day, Mr.Ferret was brought home. Dinesh's girlfriend's guinea pig died of old age recently and wanted to get something.

I think they were looking at albums of Sugar Gliders

One of the many few months old puppies on display

Except for the sleeping furry friend, the rests are commoners

Ooohhhh Ptichii Rinok is huge! The size of 3-4 warehouses? There are sections for fish, birds, dogs, cats, rodents, reptiles and outdoor equipment. The dog section was a sorrowful sight. Some cages are way too small to keep a few dogs for display, most of them looked sedated and other than the rude sellers themselves, it is strictly a see-no-touch affair with their dogs. Not even potential buyers. Fine. That way the animals are healthy and hygienic but still, how to purchase a pet if you dont "feel" it?

Rodents are my favourite kind :P The usual mice and hamsters bundled as one in the corners, fat guinea pigs chewing on straw, ferrets are absolutely adorable but Mr.Ferret is the most handsome for its species. What else.. the Chinchilla buggers LOL Dinesh's girlfriend went mad with a particular Chinchilla at one stall, it was hyperactive and jumping from one place to another. We called it the Promoter. Hahahahaha everyone was cuddling and doing a QC run on it.

Chinchillas are great pets (dont bite or stink). They are killed for furcoats :X

These Russians have never seen Fighting Fish before, they find it exotic and gorgeous. Back in Malaysia, these fishes can be found in my backyard's drain :P Kids squat around to see them fight in glass jars! Actually I wasnt too impressed. I doubt Ptichii Rinok is even illegal. I thought we could see some raccoons, peacocks, alligators, lemurs or something really rare in the usual pet shops. THAT would have been an experience. Not returning home, feeling sorry for the puppies :(

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