Sunday, April 27, 2008

Natural Selection

I pretty much accept the theory that humans evolved from apes. Not that I have read any of Charles Darwin's works but from National Geographic, articles and other commentaries. I guess they all sprung from The Origin of Species anyways. Turkish on the other hand teases me that I am still an ape because I missed a step the the evolution :P

We visited the State Darwin Museum in M.Akademicheskaya this afternoon. I was more than impressed by the museum's exhibits, both permanent and temporary section. They showcase almost all, if not 90% organisms from the ocean, land (of different parts/levels) since beginning of time. This building belittles the Zoological Museum we were at last weekend. OMG. They have many more animals stuffed. Their names are labeled in English too, together with Russian and Latin. Now that's more like it :)

The Mountains: The majestic pose of the ram took my breath away!

The Tropical Rain Forest: Good friends from our Hutan Khatulistiwa :)

There was a wildlife photography competition in display so we had the opportunity to "Oooohh" and "Awww.. so cute!!" at them. I want to capture pictures of these cuddly, cuddly creatures too!! My favouritest is the Chinchilla. So much character, posing with its little paws. Wait, let me upload it here. Then the other one is a Brown Bear, holding its feet with a grinning expression. The museum's lighting buat kacau to most of my pictures, damn it.

Arent they cuteeeee?? I am so going to keep a Chinchilla as a pet!!

There is so much of information and knowledge that one can gain from the State Darwin's Museum. It's impossible to digest all of it in a day, at least a week (maybe more) but that's if you are truly interested or your ambition is to be an evolutionary biologist, naturalist or the likes.

We scoped around the Evolution section but not to say my Russian is helluva great, we didnt manage to read the context of this subject. In fact, they werent any solid proof that men evolved from apes except for theories and puzzling (unanswerable) questions why are there variations in one species. There were charts of alleles and genotypes, basically stuff which are studied in Biology classes. BB Bb bb bB, anyone? :)

Kids in Russia receive early exposure to everything ;)

Ooohhh.. feel the fur, I like! God knows how dirty the patches are..

Totally same species, different outlooks.. now why is that?

The next picture is really cute, done by little kids on the marble pieces. I snapped them piece by piece (just 8 actually). They are adorable :)

Hehehehe look at the bear.. it looks more like a robot bear :)


chiiliyeow said...

NIce pic! upload more! Don't minimize them ar..

Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

Hehehee my pictures all must edit the size abitlerr.. got limit for photo uploads :( Just click on them, the pictures will be bigger then!!

Emonix said...

Nice pics. I think you'll love the museum of natural history here in nyc.

something random, do you know that there are more variation inside a race than between races?