Friday, April 04, 2008

Mmmm.. Ice Cream!

We started Forensics today but keep your pants on, its NOTHING like CSI : Miami. We had to endure 2 hours of boring lecture in Russian, irrelevant to the day's topic :( On a brighter note, half of my group and I went to Hard Rock Cafe for lunch after that! I was going to meet Turkish later in the evening, so I didnt splurge my appetite to the main courses in the menu.

Heheheee Mun Yee's signature drinking-pose and I

Douglas, our uhmm.. "happy" friend, Hwong (posing w/ my dessert) and Zhao Ing :)

Instead, I had a 450g of Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae!! Ohhh my, my. That's what you call sinfully delicious!! The rest had ribs, burgers, cheese fries and whatnots but my giganto cup of dessert was enough. 3 scoops of Häagen-Dazs vanilla, cream, walnuts.. *drools*. Too bad, I didnt manage to finish all of it, I was busy yakking and savouring every spoonful until my dessert turned a bit too gooey for my liking. I had the waiter take it away.

It was sort of a post-celebration to the passing of our SPA Interview but it wasnt a complete one. Bugger Victor, Quek and Sunny refused to join even when we had planned this outing a couple of days ago. Zhao Ing and Mun Yee were a bit miffed about it but I guess, you cant force everyone to agree on something at the same time. I have many events line up for this weekend! Don't worry, I will not leave out any of them!! :)


Emonix said...

Hahahaha ."happy" friend. Wink wink.

Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

Hehehehe you got that huhh :)