Friday, April 18, 2008

Home Made

Hehehehe talk of the town?

At the rate we are going, I should be writing reviews for the eateries in Moscow!! Turkish and I went to this place called Home Made Cafe, somewhere around the corner of M.Pushkinskaya (located at the side-streets). A cozy place, our waitress was sweet and smiley but her butt, she ought to be careful. Her buns knocked on the edge of 2 particular tables which she almost capsized them :X

Average-sized portions, just nice for food gourmets like us :)

I had duck. Ohhhh my favourite poultry. I wouldnt say chicken though I consume them most of the time. Well, only because it is the cheapest meat around. Duck is much nicer, tastier and the dish I had at Home Made Cafe was superb. It came with buckwheat, nicely soaked in its sauce.. yums, yums! No wonder Victor enjoys these hulled seeds. Whilst seated comfortably on the divan, I continued to complain about the ridicule of 1 student-1 guest policy on our graduation.

I might have forgotten to mention it here, this atrocious decision! I dont know whose fault is it, dont care whose stupidity to even include a hall which cant hold 600 people but someone has to be blamed. Someone has to take responsibility because it is sad a shame! A fucking embarrassment. Universities worldwide grant 2 tickets, even those born yesterday can tell you 1 for Pa, 1 for Ma. And on OUR graduation, just has to be ours.. only 1! So Pa or Ma? Bloody stupid.

If this is really finalised and no changes can be made, Mummy goes in of course. Turkish and Fats will either sneak or bulldoze their way in. Since it is a dramatic event, spicing it up wouldnt be an issue anyways. 1 student-1 guest. Pfffftttt. I have booked flight tickets for Mummy and Fats, 20th-30th June. I will plan a trip for them to St.Petersburg! Hahahahaa and Turkish wants to come along :)

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