Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hold 'em Hard

Today Gary, Fared and Jun came over to the house. Boss prepared pasta Italiano-style, with beans and Pesto sauce. It tasted nice though I am not too big a fan of kidney beans. The guys did the cooking while Pisa, Jun and I just sat around. It felt like an exchange of gender work. Fared and Gary took turns to prepare fried shrimps. Dinner was done and done with within the hour.

Men cooking, women playing cards (and then pours the Italiano wine)

And then, Boss and Pisa brought out their brand new Poker set they bought from Italy. Hahahahahaa their groupmates had hidden agendas. I was inspired earlier by Chow Yun Fat's God of Gamblers theme song. We divided the chips equally and started dealing around 4pm++ (maybe close to 5pm). I remember the sky was still pretty bright.

The sexy Poker set! Look at the legendary God of Gamblers :)

The last time I played Texas Hold 'em with chips was prolly last, last summer in UK. Yupe. Ricky Powling had a sleek Poker set with fancy chips and someone wrote "crack" on the Dealer tag. We spent most of the nights in the summer house on Filton Road playing Poker. It was fun and that one time, I beat Nick the all-time Poker winner amongst us. That was historical :)

I think you can tell a lot about a person's character on the gambling table. We have honest players, daredevils, "great liars", safe players, luck-dependent folks and careless ones too. The kitchen door was the highlight of the game. Gary mentioned that if the door is closed, bad feng shui/chi will cause the person sitting opposite it to lose. Yours truly was in that position and I challenged to shut it :P My luck didnt change so drastically. The superstition was nly mentioned when I did fold my cards or lose my bet.

Pisa's load cleared out the first, she became our card dealer. The blinds were raised. Then it was Gary followed by Fared and Boss, leaving 2 Chinese chicks standing! When this happened, the game was heated up side bets of cigarettes sticks! Hahahahaaha Fared bet on Jun throughout, Pisa and Gary for me. This was when I REALLY believed the open/close door affair. Fared left the door open to go to the loo and at the same moment, new cards were dealt. Guess what I got??

I got Pocket Ace!!!

I showed Gary and his eyes were as big as the $500 chips! We burst out laughing as hard as we could but resumed to pretending we didnt have good cards :P That particular round was haunted. Five cards laid on the table, three were 5's. Easily a Full House. True enough, Jun got Full House but mine was Full House Aces. It was maddddness! At little past 11pm, I swept all the chips off Jun but it was the cigarettes which they won. 6 hours of gambling. What a grand opening to the Poker set! :)

Texas Hold 'em showdown!! Fared counting his winnings LOL


Emonix said...

Apa nie, pompuan main kad ... laki pergi masak. tsk tsk tsk.

Lee Agas Guang said...

Hmm...nice lookin chips! I'd love to get my hands on those one fine day! nyahahhaha...Poker! what a game to kill time!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

Haiyaaa.. you cook also what :P
Poker is too good a game to kill time and when you do, make sure you have enough time for it!!