Sunday, April 20, 2008

He Hears Me

"wo de pa pa, wo de Daddy..."- my father, my Daddy in Chinese

Today is Daddy's 1 year anniversary of passing. My family refers to the Lunar calendar when it comes to religious days and practises. Fats went back to Penang to fulfill his duty as a son while I said my prayers in my (living) room around 7am. After that, Turkish came at noon to accompany me to MOCMAPT. I made a list of ingredients for tonight's dinner.

I cooked my signature dish, Sweet and Sour Pork Fish and for vegetables, it was Stir-fried Long Beans and Tiger Prawns. I dont know why but I felt the menu had to be fit for a king(s and queens). It may sound freaky or silly to some but I always believe Daddy's spirit visits me. I spoke to Mummy and Fats earlier. They told me that prayers went well, and grand too. I wont elaborate on the unpleasant beliefs of hell, judgment and punishment here. No need for that. My father's spirit is now free and at ease :)

6 years of medical school in abroad is too long. In these years, I have lost my Gu Po (grandaunt), Daddy and Popo (maternal grandma). My paternal grandma is not hanging on to her dear life, she is hanging on to her dear dialysis machine. Sorry, a little joke there. Ooohhh well. Life is for the living and live we shall. Let's take a moment to remember our loved ones, those in our world and the other realms.

People tell me that I am strong.. I am strong because I am loved.
Most importantly, I feel love all around me.. by my family+1, my friends, everybody!

Thank you.


Lee Agas Guang said...

I've lost my daddy too, when I was 13. The one thing I will always remember in my mind is. Don't grief. Mourn. Be proud that you once had a great Daddy. For that, carry his outstanding personality in you and He will always stay in you heart forever.

Sha said...

Dear Mr Tan is indeed at peace, my best, looking over all of you. He must be SO proud of you and Jackie!

I still reminisce about all the times at your place and all the stories you used to tell me. It never fails to make me smile. You are, after all, a replica of him.

*hugs* Love you!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

Wait till I feed my kids stories of their grandfather!! :)

W1 said...

u r strong~ :)

chiiliyeow said...

stay strong!love.