Thursday, April 10, 2008

Great Mood

Mummy knows about Turkish now. I informed her 2 days back over the phone. She says, "He sounds like a nice guy". I told her I was in Istanbul earlier last month and she wasnt one bit surprised AT ALL! She only asked, "Did you enjoy yourself?". Mummy has always been supportive of my relationships except with 1-2 fellas in the past. Ultimately, she only wishes that I am happy. Like Pisa said, "If she could approve of Jujhar, she could approve of anyone!!".

True dat, true dat *grins*.

Boss and Pisa are leaving to Bologna, Italy to visit Hannah tomorrow. I will ferret-sit for them! Trust me, when they return, Mr.Ferret will be wearing a tutu or a skirt!! There was a slight misunderstanding about this matter but everything came out in the clear *eyes on the task list on the cooking slab prepared for me*.

Today was a good day. I have handed in the application for the invitation letters, things ran smoothly at the Dean's Office, gathered some information and dinner at Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie enhanced the gravity of my pleasant disposition. Boss, Pisa and Viro used to go there before but the directions they gave me werent clear enough until I dated this "Map" boyfriend of mine :)

I am perfectly fine, only the eyes are slightly "sepet/slit" LOL

Clockwise : Rabbit "drumstick", Turkish piggin' and Italian dessert, Cassata

I had a *please dont gag*.. Rabbit with Mashed Potatoes and Turkish had Grilled Pork Neck. They were both delicious, a little pricey but money well spent. That place was packed not only with women but HOT women. Some came in pairs, a company of 3 or more.. entered one after another. How come it sounds so dirty LOL Turkish and I are visiting Sergiev Posad on Saturday, one of the ancient cities in the northeast of Moscow. Just a day trip. My first check point on the Golden Ring!! :) :) :)


soolynnie said...

I'm so happy for u, u love-sick puppy! Hahahah

Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

Hahahaha thanks. You are love well-fed old.. uhhmmm.. Chihuahua?