Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Great Circus

Snacks are not limited to only popcorns, there are donuts too!

"Around The World In 130 minutes" was truly entertaining. The performances were brilliant, follows the theme depending on which continents the clowns "arrived" in. For example they started off with America so there were cowboy/-girl Rodeos on beautiful horses and there was one I particularly like. It was white and had silver hair! Silver!! Then they went on to Brazil, some balancing act of 4 men on a platform with two wheels on each end and so on.

The Brazilian samba ended and human hamsters took over the show!

Please click 3gecb! to read about the Great Moscow State Circus. I have been there twice, first time with my groupmates in 2006 and today with Turkish for the 3pm show. I really enjoyed the circus very much especially the acrobat show. It really isnt for the weak hearted spectators. Seriously. Their tight-rope walking stunts was a thriller. When the rope was raised to 70 degrees, the man who was walking upwards slipped and hanging on to dear life for 1-2minutes. Everyone started to clap to support him, he steadily got back on the rope and made it to the top. Could be part of the show? *shrugs*

There were 2 fat and huge sea lions which played with a ball, tossing it to the trainer and back. Ooohh in Africa, of course, a trainer dressed in hunter's outfit and had himself caged up with 6 male lions. A couple of the lions looked too sedated to be doing anything and the others were ferocious, kept roaring and trying to maul the trainer. He didnt hesitate to whip the misbehaved ones. I guess watching the trainer in control and not being eaten alive while rubbing necks with these wild cats were exciting enough :P

Let me post some (very badly taken) pictures of the show.

My favourite act, the Acrobats (dont hold your breath too much, its dangerous)

They must have drugged these lions beforehand, definitely!!

The ending to the circus, like usual, all the staff comes out to wave Goodbyes..

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