Friday, April 04, 2008

Eric Kayser

Turkish, Turkish, Turkish!! I cant believe we are so attached to each other :) After leaving Arbat, I met him at M.Lubyanka around 6pm. Initially he suggested Volkonsky Xhleb, a p√Ętisserie/cafe at Kitai-Gorod but I couldnt get a reservation yesterday. Instead, I booked us a table at Derevo Kakao. Both of them are located on the same street so we strolled along the cafes for inspection.

Volkonsky Xhleb is more cozy-looking and bigger than Derevo Kakao, which produces menu made with Godiva. Strange, for a Belgian chocolatier outlet.. its interior is too modest and plain. Anyways, we requested for a table at Volkonsky Xhleb to which the waiter happily obliged. See, what did I tell you. They seem to show better hospitality to patrons who make reservations!!

Turkish and I explored Kitai-Gorod and guess what we stumbled upon? The Moscow Choral Synagogue! Just last week we mentioned that we should visit one and voila, we didnt even have to plan a trip for it! And with that, it made our evening more pleasant and sweet :) The Jewish joint has very tight security because in 2006, an armed Neo-Nazi skinhead charged inside during a prayer service, stabbing 6 Jewish.. *shiver*.

Thanks to Michelle Chia, now I have a taste for Apple Cider!!

Yum-yums! The Chicken Panini I ordered was delicious! Fresh salads and melted cheese, just the way I like it :) Our waiter was efficient and spoke English, cute too. Turkish had a Chicken Sandwich (with rock hard bread LOL) but he still said it was still tasty. There were plenty of pastries to choose from, tartlets, cakes, cookies, more cakes etc. We were spoiled by choice so in the end, we had Eclairs and a small cake. The cafe sells dining wares to marmalades and lamps. Nice place, really.

The colour and length of these Eclairs are no support to the common beliefs LOL

Beautifully decorated interior of Volkonsky Khleb!! Whats with that troubled man?

Aaaaahhhh.. how I wish I could eat just one of every type!!

ps. The name "Eric Kayser" was printed on the back of the waiters' uniforms so I assume its the name of the owner LOL


soolynnie said...

Wahahahaha... I absolutely love the comment you made on the eclairs. I'm gonna popularise it!!! Hehehehe

Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

Hahahahaa you hamsap girl.