Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Be Fast For B-fast

Fared, Khairimi and Wishnu came over for Poker yesterday and Wishnu stayed over. Our mission was to have breakfast at Starlite Diner AND their unlimited coffee. Little did we know, we got there at 12pm++ meaning their Breakfast Menu was kept for next morning already!! No thanks to Wishi-wishu who slept at 3am.

Oooohhh yum-yums!! Candid pictures taken upon food arrivals!

We had lunch instead. I was starving. I was going to meet Turkish later in the evening yet I couldnt resist their Chicken Quesadillas. Ohhh mama! I ordered it and licked the plate clean. It was spotless. Pisa has a Meatloaf (tasted wayyy better than the singer's music LOL), Boss and Wishi-wishu had burgers with bacon strips. Hahahahaa the bacon strips were crossed "X".

The seats were comfy, good-looking Russians aplenty but our subject in the beginning was mainly about the large waitresses in that American joint. We concluded that minimum boob-size has to be either C or Double D. Any bigger is welcomed to work. Wishi-wishu was disturbed by their.. well, jelly-bellies and huge thighs. You cant really believe his standards because he likes female bodybuilders *Boss pointing finger at him*. Aaaahahahaha some internal jokes there :P

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