Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Au Naturale

Façade of Botanika and its interior (left and back view of our seat)

Today, Turkish and I met up again for dinner and this time, I chose the venue :) Botanika was lovely! We spent about 3 hours in the restaurant, having food and chatting away. I had reserved a table for us earlier and I realised that the staff treats you better when you do that. I dont know, it could be psychological but its as though they see us as VIPs. I'm not joking! We had a terrible experience at a Cuban joint called Che. The doorman and manager looked at us like 3rd-Class citizen when we said we did not reserve a table. Pariahs.

Please excuse the bad lighting of the pictures, it's the N6300 :P

Botanika's menu has quite a variety of meat/poultry, interestingly served. For example I ordered "Fried lamb slices with pear and prunes" while Turkish had "Tiger prawns with yellow curry and steamed rice". I am very curious the race of their chef(s) because food was too rich in aroma and taste!! The coconut milk in the yellow curry was thick and fragrant. Yummy! It was a sweet evening, seated on the soft couch, cuddling Turkish. The place isnt too big so customers were only a handful. I was quite sure that our public display of affection wasnt disturbing!

Turkish should be used to posing for me now, I trained him well LOL

Botanika is definitely one of the best restaurants/cafes we have ever been to!

I dont usually snap too many pictures over dinner but I really liked Botanika. It was so.. hommie, so.. comfortable and reminded me of a dining room an old grandmas would have! We might go there again since Turkish mentioned about trying their list of wines. Hahahahaa Masala Tea, my ass. It was nothing close to what yours truly make (Turkish agreed). I went into a photo frenzy :P I swear Turkish was so close to giving me a good beating because every time he picked up his spoon/fork to eat, I stopped him and made him wait for me to get a good shot!! Wasted when I was in Istanbul I didnt snap pictures of Turkish cuisine :(

Ooohhh.. guess what. This Saturday we are going to the illegal pet market- Ptichii Rinok (with Dinesh and his gf) and then on Sunday we are going to the Circus!! "Gua manyak excite!" :)


Emonix said...

you two look so cute!!!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

Hehehehe thanks! I thought he looks like an apek sometimes :P