Wednesday, April 16, 2008

ArteFaq My Ass

Turkish and I explore few times a week to different restaurants and cafes, otherwise we return to familiar eateries. We used to step into random places as we strolled along the side-streets. Now either I browse on my handy Element magazine or Turkish.. hes got his source :) Then I will make a reservation and I can vouch that service is helluva better!!

The place is nice but maybe you need artsy-fartsy taste buds to enjoy

This ArteFaq restaurant / club / art gallery is weird. The name itself sounds vulgar. The name of the drinks on its menu are worse. "Faq-something". Food took too long to come, even so, mine came first and Turkish had to wait 15-20 minutes more for his. That also, it was an almost empty plate of Pork Medallions. As I ate, the raw smell of uncooked turkey fillets irritated me. I pierced open the meat to see bright, pink (not bloody) layers.

But I must say the waitresses there are the best employees in Moscow. They were friendly, cheerful and intuitive. When I was complaining to Turkish about my dish, my face must have looked like a prune.. one of the waitresses observed my expression and came running to our table. No eye-rolling, no grumbling, no fussy-faces but an apology and quick disappearance of my plate into the kitchen. Now that's what I call excellent service!!

The turkey didnt come back any good though, still sucked hahahahahahaahaa

So uncreative, keeping an eye to watch you do your business!

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