Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weird Weekend

For the past 6/7 months, there was always something up during the weekends. Since last semester. Maybe once or twice a month I was home for Sunday clean ups and relaxation. Then I met Turkish and we saw each other without fail except this weekend. He is away on Business in Istanbul (back tonight).

At first I teasingly sang "Free-dommmm" but I felt caged up inside. The first few days he left Moscow, I didnt feel his absence until Friday came. Argghh. Boss and Pisa spent both days out for their IELTS exam (Part I and II). Luckily, Hwong has burnt me the Eastern Europe holiday pictures so I occupied my time sorting them out and posting them on Facebook. Funny how time passes loading and editing the captions.

Before I met Turkish, there was always some activities/events outdoor with my groupmates. Sometime before New Year's and after, I was always in Kahovskaya Hostel for potluck and parties. It was a lot of fun. Either there really isnt anything going on or I have drifted myself away from the Malaysian community, yet again. Hopefully someone organises something when the weather turns warm. I miss hanging out with my batchmates.

I want to be in Istanbul too!! Next, next week.. Boss and Pisa will visit Hannah in Bologna, Italy and I will be ferret-sitting. Hahahahaha I will definitely put on a skirt for Mr.Ferret :P Also, Turkish and I are planning to visit St.Petersburg but not when my flatmates are away. We might do a short distance trip to the Golden Ring or somewhere. Depends. I'll have to wait till Turkish returns to Moscow!! *sniff, sniff*

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