Monday, March 17, 2008

SPA Interview

Hahahahahaa I passed!!

Thought I wouldnt since I didnt have the opportunity to revise much for it, who knows what questions I would be asked? I mean I was away for holidays and who studies during their (official or not) holidays right? I had only a couple of hours' sleep because firstly, I tried to jam everything into my head but needless to say, it was futile. I woke up around 6.40am, got dressed and left the house with Pisa. Boss' is scheduled at 2pm.

We arrived at Radisson Hotel at 8.30am sharp but briefing was already in progress. Standard procedure, we had to fill in forms and then hand in some. The guys wore suits, some of the girls wore Baju Kurung, others in full suit like Pisa and I felt like an elephant in my shirt tucked into my very-old-faded-black-slacks, which were high-waist cut :X As it was, I felt ill-prepared, imagine how nervous I was in my outfit!!

I was the 7th on the list. Coincidentally, Zhao Ing, Sunny and Hwong were also in the same board as me. Every time someone came out from the room, he/she was drilled by the impatient ones waiting for their turn. When the buzzer rang, I walked in and sat on the chair which was placed about 2 feet about from the panel. Interviewers were Dr.Anuar and Dr.Niq who were very friendly actually. They explained that I would have to speak about myself, my family for 2-3minutes and we would roll from there.

Dr.Niq was flipping my file, from the front to back while Dr.Anuar complimented that I am a good speaker, then commented on my SPM results and asked me why did I choose to study in Russia. The conversation was very casual until Dr.Niq asked me about Hodgkin's lymphoma, dengue and Aspirin in prevention of cardiac diseases in Diabetic patients. I managed my answers, yet stammered at some points too. But they were helpful in the sense that, they prompted hints when I was stuck.

After the interview was over, Dr.Anuar said and I quote "I see you have no problem speaking, you have the knowledge but not so good in presenting them. Just brush up on your dengue and you know when you start working, you will be drilled and grilled by the M.Os (medical officers)". I apologised for my mistakes and that was it. Waited 2 more hours for the rest of my panel to finish and then we gathered back into the room for a short speech. Dr.Anuar said the JPA students are worthy of their scholarships but sadly the private students performed better. Hahahahaa privates students? That points out to the 4 of us from Group 3? :P

L-R: Hwong, Zhao Ing, Sunny, Dr.Niq, Saiful, Dr.Anuar, Shafwan, you-know-who, Adelina, Ashikin, Hajar.. the girl in orange and blue.. I dont know them because they are from a different university

I doubt they plan on failing anyone though they have failed quite a number from other universities. A small letter-giving ceremony took place and I received mine with much joy! :) This interview means that, after my graduation, I return to Malaysia and immediately eligible to register for hospitals I wish to be posted to. Yeos!


Julz said...

congratulations chin!!

you're always so mean to me but I am still happy for you. =P

Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

Hehehehe my favourite Porks.

Thank you for your support and dontlahhh say I'm always so mean to you!! I'm only mean to you :P