Sunday, March 16, 2008

Çok Güzel

Merhaba! Taken at the Golden Horn (somewhere up the hills hehehee)

I like calling Istanbul by its old names : Byzantium or Constantinople. Time flies when you're having fun, especially when you are taken all over the city or taking a stroll by the sea side. I returned to Moscow today, with a heavy heart plus tomorrow is my SPA (Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam) Interview, 9am Panel No.5 at Radisson Hotel. I have browsed through some common diseases and still browsing actually but I doubt much preparation can be made. Boss and Pisa went to bed early, we didnt speak to much actually. Tension, I guess.

Soooooo.. Tolga and I spent 11 days together. He hardly left my side and sight the whole time, from the mornings we woke up to till bedtime (except for toilet breaks :P). This trip definitely changed a lot of things which means.. *let out a deep breath* .. now neither of us can imagine the outcome of our relationship after my graduation. Will I ever learn to avoid a heartbreak? Nope! "Been there, done that and still wearing the tee!!". Before our departure at the airport, we exchanged hugs with his folks and I thanked them for their everything. To my surprise, they replied "No, we thank YOU and we love you". Ahhhhh, I felt so touched! :)

The Bosphorus Bridge at Ortaköy that connects to Anatolia (Asia side)

The Dolmabahçe Palace, one of the most beautiful palaces I have ever visited!!

Tolga was right about those stray kitties! They are everywhere!!

The locals are relatively friendly, smiley too. I never made any attempt to converse with them since Tolga was doing all the talking. No one really stared at us, or specifically me (unlike in Romania LOL) although I am the only Oriental-looking girl within the next few blocks. Females here are nothing to yell about unlike majority of the males who are damn good-looking! Well.. my Tolga is a different story. He IS cute but his sense of fashion cripples him :P Ooohhh the first 2-3 days were cloudy but I am glad after that, we had bright sun and warmth for the rest of the week!!

Farther north of Sariyer, at a fishing village where we had seafood for lunch!

Dont ask me why hes always on my right side in pictures! LOL

Tolga: "Canım, kendimi sana yakın hissediyorum ve seni seviyorum.. çok, çok, çok!"

If fate allows it, I hope we could stay together.. infinitely.

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