Sunday, March 09, 2008


Hahahahaa Istanbul is damn beautiful! I never expected it the city view that picturesque! My 4th day here and I cannot get enough of it! Tolga’s parents are lovely, his mum laughs a lot and his dad cracks 2-cent jokes :P Both of them speak to me in English slowly (sometimes Tolga just translates them to save time). Ooohh and they are very pleased that I am already picking up Turkish words in my few days’ stay!

I havent got the time to write about my holidays so far. Thing is, Tolga and I have been going out every morning and returning home past 10pm. I love it here and Tolga shows me all over the place, tells me too much information (a paid tour guide cant compete LOL) and seriously, this holiday is a big treat for me. BIG. I havent withdrawn any money and I still dont know what Turkish Lira look like.

Goodness.. Turkish food is damn yummy! Their desserts are even more delicious. It’s Sunday today and we decided to spend it with his family. We left the house after breakfast (bread, cheese, salami, marmalade etc). We had tea by the Sariyer sea side and fed stale breads to the sea gulls. Tolga’s folks carried on with their newspaper while we went uphill by foot. The neighbourhood is crowded with Fish restaurants and yatchs. Around 2pm, we rendezvous-ed with his folks at Guzel Balik Restaurant, a famous seafood joint they always go to.

Again, Turkish food is ever satisfying. We spent 2 1/2hours in one seating, enjoying goodies from the Black Sea (octopus, seasoned mussels with herbal rice, oysters, sea bass etc) and the view from the window overlooking the Anatolia. My, my.. whatever I did to deserve the kindness of Tolga and his family. Hahahahaa Turkish people in general are very nosy. So far all the places I was brought to, the staff/manager likes to ask about me. Of course, in their exchange of words.. I only understand “Malayzeee”, nodding at Tolga followed by “Moscow” then everybody grins :)

I will be able to post pictures including those from Eastern Europe when I return. I got this picture from Tolga’s dad but its too dark. Well, at least you guys know that I am having a wonderful time and not kidnapped, sold or any of that sort LOL I will be back next Sunday on the 16th March. The interview is on the next day so I am bloody lucky that I wont miss it!! Pass or fail is another story since I wont have any time to prepare at all. But cant be that hard right? Ohhhh well.. let me indulge in the luxuries of my surprised holiday first :)

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