Sunday, March 02, 2008

Maslenitsa Eve

Tomorrow is Maslenitsa Blin!, also known as Pancake Week which lasts for 7 days over here in Russia. It is supposedly a big celebration where folks make pancakes, play games, dressed in fancy costumes and back then, when around this time of the year was still mounted with snow.. there would be sledge riding and other activities. I have placed a link so if you would like to know more about this historical festival, feel free to click on it :)

Hehehee thank youuuuu, Pisa! You make a perfect Sunday :)

Tvarog- the creamy white block with suspicious looking spots (raisins)

It was coincidental when I suggested to Pisa that SHE makes pancakes for breakfast. Hehehee she is ever so nice to be cooking for all of us. Who's the real maid now!! It's always a treat for us on Sundays when Pisa prepares the batter, heats up the pan (she even bought one from IKEA so that the shapes are even) and then the smell of pancakes in the air just sweetens the first/last day of the week! We have maple syrup, peanut butter, cherry jam, chocolate paste (might be expired) and tvorog (Russian 0hh-so-yummy cheese!) for fillings.

Turkish enjoyed it very much, especially the tvarog. Cant believe he has never tried it! I just find this Sunday simply pleasant, free and laidback with good friends in the house. Of course I have to pack for the holiday getaway soon, I am visiting Byzantium on Wednesday :) Where is it? Uhhmm.. Constantinople? Still dont get it? Okay.. I am visiting Istanbul!! I am very excited!! But I am keeping an extremely low profile on this. I have enough of limelight on my personal life and I insist on keeping this one out of it.


Reens said...

hoi.... why the pancakes look like chappati??

Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

Made by an Indian what LOL