Thursday, March 27, 2008

Garnier 6.34

I looked back at pictures of me taken last year and dang, I miss my colourful hair!! So I decided to dye my hair again. The roots have grown about 2 inches in silky dark brown shade, very healthy texture but I confess, hair-dying is an addiction. I got my first hair dyed after SPM in 2001 and after that, I have never stopped or kept my original hair colour long enough.

Anyways, today was the first class of Surgery and Hospital No.79 is located too far from me. It is nearby M.Kolomenskaya which means I have to leave the house at 7.30am until next Friday!! :( Class was damn short, our surgeon Dr.Kotaev was too busy to attend to us so after taking attendance a short discussion.. we were dismissed. On my way home, I bought a box of hair dye by Garnier. The colour is called Caramel *ooohhh-lala* but guess what.

My hair is dyed and done with as I am writing this entry.

Bloody Perekrestok (useless supermarket) that doesnt stock my Schwarzkorpf!


What to do. I didnt know the colour would be so light. Pfffttttt. Good thing, perhaps? I shouldnt do anything so bizarre anymore since I will be a doctor soon (and also when Turkish return from his business trip in Istanbul, he wont get a heart attack LOL) . I could try to look like a professional. Cocklah. I shouldnt utter to anyone "Hey, I dyed my hair!!" because the response would prolly sound like "Huhh? Got meh?". I couldnt wait to see the change but now I see I cant wait to dye the whole head again.

A very unsatisfied customer of Garnier products..
I shouldnt have trusted the box!

This is sooooo disappointing. Last year, Pisa helped me dye my hair.. it was reddish-brown and it was lovely (although we stained the carpet and dining table hehehe). Maybe it was my fault for not waiting for Pisa to help me out. Arrrggghhhhh. It's okay. I shall dye my hair again next month or so for the yearbook photoshoot :P


W1 said...

seriously, its hopeless buying the products here.

I even used blonde..but came out nothing...sigh

Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

Hahahahahahahaa thats because youre silly :P Blonde doesnt show on orang utan's hair like yours! You need to kao-kao taruk peroxide first. Then you'll see.

W1 said...

peroxide?? to bleach??

sorry la..i dowana ruin my hair like urs..

wei..!!firstly simply quote, simply give me names..
u wan wacking ar???