Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Flu Bug

I feel so ill.

My nose is running for a marathon, my eyes are teary, my ears are slightly deaf and I can hardly sit up straight. I cant recall when exactly I was attacked by the flu bug but I felt the worst over the weekend. I didnt even go to the Rihanna's concert with Hannan and Shidah because my head was spinning. I felt bad for standing them up :( I made them sell my ticket and I will reimburse half price for it.

Ooohhh well. So what else is new? Therapy cycle ended today, a day earlier than scheduled (for me) because Dr.Moiseev surprisingly gave us a test. Yet, he still told us to attend class tomorrow but when class ended, I went to his desk and asked for zacheot. I pointed my index finger to my noise and sniffled LOL I said I want to rest at home tomorrow, he laughed and signed my little record book anyways!

It was a big mistake to round Pulmonology Department yesterday. Big mistake. As it is, my health is compromised and we went to the 5th floor that has air-born diseases. Perhaps not contagious but you may never know! I have been taking Coldrex for the past 2 days. Bitter tasting, lemon-flavoured +Vitamin C remedy for flu. Basically it taste like vomit. Makes me drowsy and then like a tranquilized horse, I fall flat on my bed. Sort of helps, I guess.

I took very random pictures of our Pulmonology Department when waiting for class to begin. This Therapy cycle is over and Dr.Moiseev who has no interest to teach us can finally relax.

The lobby with eerie-looking pot plants and a TV set that prolly doesn't work LOL

My groupmates: Hwong, Mun Yee and Douglas bored and fed up of this cycle

East wing of the Pulmonology Department, a stretch of wards down the corridor


soolynnie said...

Thong Bao!!! What happened to you!!?? Your blog is beginning to sound so technically-MED that I'm hyperventilating reading it... hahahaa... I'm 'tumpang'ing Sha to find some tix to UK (coz Ive nvr been thr for ur info) & came across that "YOU ARE GRADUATING!!!"
Congratulations!!! Like finally after years in Moscow... come back to Malaysia & give me loads of MCs... hahahah

Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

Waahhhh you wanna go to UK? Gonelah. You will purchase the whole Oxford Street LOL

Yes, yes. I'm finally graduating in June :) And then we can have a proper gathering with me around!!!