Monday, March 31, 2008

Convocation Plans

Yay! Two pleasant events in a day :)

1 : Turkish is back
2 : Mummy and Fats are coming for my graduation!!
(no particular order or favour in rating hehehee)

In fact, the graduation part, all 3 of them will attend LOL

It is such a mixed feeling when it comes to this subject. I cant wait to graduate, thats for sure. I mean how much more do I want to spend in Medical School, right? It's more than 6 years I have been living/studying in Moscow.. it's about time to leave though I dont deny I have made a home here and a gateway to visiting Europe during my winter holidays. Still..

An organising committee has been formed to run the show, together with foreign students from Russian Medium, Pharmacy and Dentistry Faculty. Robes, hats and yearbooks are in order which means graduation is drawing closer and closer as I blog. I didnt know my head circumference measures 56cm and shoulders 48cm (plus/minus). Hahahahaa the numbers sound funny.

Mummy and Fats will stay in my apartment, maybe for a week or so. I dont know if we will visit St.Petersburg (most probably yes) since the date for graduation isnt set yet. I have to apply invitation letters for them to obtain Russian visas plus that Olga Semeinovna in the Dean's office is always missing in action :( These applications usually take weeks to process so hopefully everything will be done on time!

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